Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway: Can’t Say Goodbye by Eden Finley



Our quick hellos are followed by drawn out goodbyes.

What started out as one fun night turned into a regular thing none of us ever planned for.

I can’t walk away from Kit and Prescott. Kit is the stern nurturer I need. He’s the caretaker, the solid presence. Prescott enables my wild ways. He’s someone I can have fun with. They couldn’t be more perfect for me.

But come graduation, I have to move across the country, and geography isn’t our only obstacle. Being in a relationship with two men isn’t good for my public image, my brother’s NFL career, or the media frenzy that surrounds my famously queer family.

We have a plan to meet up once a year, but with every reunion, every brief visit, we fall deeper.

There has to be a breaking point, something that will end it for us, or soon it will be impossible to say goodbye at all.

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Cover Design: Natasha Snow Designs
Photo: Wander Aguiar Photography
Models: Jacob, Patrick & Scott

Genre: MMM Romance
Trope: Military romance, pining, long distance

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I love a good MMM story if it is done right and for me, Eden Finley managed to do that really well with Can’t Say Goodbye. I loved all three men, Prescott, Brady and Kit and I was completely engaged in their story to the point I don’t think I slept much the night I read it.

Kit and Prescott already had a connection and had brought a third into their friendship to share in bed, but adding Brady to this equation changed everything for them and forced them to admit they felt much more for each other than just friendship. The bedroom scenes are very steamy and I loved the bond they developed over time and that each of them was emotionally and physically happy in what they shared.

I liked that I got each man’s point of view, it really allowed me to get to know each of them and I was emotionally involved in everything they were going through as they go from just hooking up semi-regularly, then yearly after Brady graduated and moved, to realising that they are each wanting something much more permanent and meaningful. It wasn’t always an easy ride as each dealt with their feelings for the other two and their worry they wouldn’t feel the same or that there is no way it could work out, but with communication and a desire to make it work they found a way.

I really loved Can’t Say Goodbye and will be reading it again I’m sure.


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About the Author

Eden Finley is an Amazon bestselling author who writes steamy contemporary romances that are full of snark and light-hearted fluff.

She doesn’t take anything too seriously and lives to create an escape from real life for her readers. The ideas always begin with a wackadoodle premise, and she does her best to turn them into romances with heart.

With a short attention span that rivals her son’s, she writes multiple different pairings: MM, MMF, and MF.

She’s also an Australian girl and apologises for her Australianisms that sometimes don’t make sense to anyone else.

Goodreads Author Page

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New Release Book Review: Shelter From the Storm by Penelope Janu

Shelter From the Storm by Penelope Janu is my first 5-star read of 2023. Penelope Janu is one of my favourite authors, and I look forward to reading her newest release each year.

Shelter From the Storm was something special, whether it was the way it was written, or the main character Patience herself, I found myself fully absorbed in this story, I felt I was reading every single word and at a slower pace than I normally would (this wasn’t the case, it just felt that way), I don’t really know how to describe how reading this novel made me feel other than I felt I was reading something special.

Patience is the second of the Cartwright sisters to tell her story as we met Phoebe in Clouds on the Horizon.

When the story starts Patience, a lieutenant in the navy is on base after being discharged from her ship. The reasons surrounding this draw attention to the power a commanding officer can have over their subordinate and how hard it can be for women especially to deal with unwanted behaviour from other officers. And this isn’t only within the armed forces but in all different jobs and circumstances.

Patience has an affinity for numbers and often looks at things differently because of this, she uses counting to deal with stressful situations and can look at things and reel numbers and statistics off the top of her head. I felt a real connection to Patience, though I don’t deal with stress and anxiety quite the same way, she spoke to me on a deep level. Patience is described as secretive and self-contained, and as her background and fears are uncovered it makes sense why she is the way she is.

Patience has a past with Hugo a biologist who is working on an important project. It has been years since Patience had her heart broken by him, but the impact it made on her has reverberated through her life and continues to do so. When they are reluctantly brought together again, the depth of emotion they are carrying from their previous friendship strikes deep in both.

The romance in this novel is full of so many ghosts and emotional baggage and I loved being there with Patience and Hugo as they work their way through their messy past and unpack everything in order to discover if there can be a future for them together. I felt Patience’s emotions, her heartache and confusion about what she was feeling in my own being as I read her story. And Hugo was one special man, but then I’ve found Penelope Janu only knows how to write wonderful male characters as her leads (and side characters). I loved that Hugo completely ‘got’ Patience and accepted and loved her the way she was.

Hugo’s family were a great support system for Patience along with a few side characters I’ve met before. Patience and Hugo’s coworker Rick was also a great character, I appreciate that Penelope Janu gives us such a vast variety of people with an array of characteristics, in Rick’s case he is a neurodiverse character and I think she did a really good job of portraying one of the ways this can play out in an individual.

Another thing I really enjoy about Penelope’s novels is her love for the environment and how I always learn something new from each novel, in this case, I learnt a great deal about frogs and their habitats and the ecosystem that surrounds the waterways they live in.

This was a wonderful novel and is one of my favourites by Penelope Janu so far, a story of self-discovery, healing and being brave enough to go after what you truly want. I am really looking forward to the third Cartwright sister, Prim’s story next year.

Cover Reveal, Excerpt & Giveaway: The Husband Hoax by Saxon James

THE HUSBAND HOAXAccidental Love #1 by Saxon James



Being invited to my cousin’s wedding really shouldn’t be such a big deal except, oh yeah, I haven’t seen my family for a decade.

My parents turned their backs on me and I’ve done everything since to become successful and show them what they lost. Only, it’s kinda hard to be a success when you’re a walking trainwreck.

So I’m going to fake it. Hire a guy with an online presence so impressive they’ll be desperate to welcome me back into the elitist fold, and roll into the wedding with the kind of confidence I’ve never felt a day in my life.

The plan’s a knockout.

Until my fake date cancels minutes before the ceremony.


One letter from my dearly departed grandfather, and suddenly I’m on a husband hunt.

He’s reworked his entire will so I’m set to inherit far more than I’m entitled to, and all because he’s asked me to use that money for “good”.

In order to get that inheritance, though, there’s one stipulation: marriage.

Even with his request, I’m tempted to stick to my original plan of getting as far from my wretched family as possible, and letting them fight it out.

But then I run into a tall drink of scattered mess outside of a wedding who’s in desperate need of a date, and the pieces click into place.

I help him, he helps me.

Marriage, money, then go our separate ways.


Now all I have to do is stop myself from actually falling for the guy.

Release Date: February 9, 2023

Cover Design: Story Styling Cover Designs

Photo: Michelle Lancaster

Model: Dylan and Simba

Genre: M/M Romance
Trope: Fake relationship, friends with benefits to lovers, found family

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For a sudden fake fiancé, I could very, very easily be interested in him. My gaze trails over his long limbs, his tight stomach, those cum gutters that are going to be my undoing, before Émile lifts my chin with two fingers. “I’m going to have to ask you to stop looking at me like that.”

“Right.” I clear my throat. “Inappropriate.”

“Not at all. But if I’m going to follow your rules and keep my distance, you really shouldn’t be eye-fucking me.”

My laugh is louder than I expected, and I cut it off quickly. “Sorry. I have a hot naked guy in my bed. Checking you out is my default.”

“Well, take a last look.” He stands up, glances at his suit on the side of my bed, then tugs on the sweats I loaned him for the walk from the bathroom to my room last night … right before I promptly stripped him out of them again. They hang loose around his waist, and my gaze stays with him as he crosses my room to steal a T-shirt out of one of my drawers.

“Sure. Help yourself.” I grin.

“You’re my fiancé now. It’d be basically illegal if I didn’t wear your clothes.”

Fiancé. Damn. That’s … scary. Getting engaged wasn’t supposed to hit my to-do list for the next decade at least and here I am getting hitched to a guy I haven’t even known for twenty-four hours.

Sympathy crosses his face and Émile approaches to run his fingers through my hair. “Look, you’re getting into a lot without much knowledge, so this is what we’re going to do. I’m going to put my number in your phone and leave. Once I’m gone, you’re going to search my name and look me up on social media. Look into who my family is, recent marriage and engagement announcements—because yes, we’re going to have to do those things too. It’s going to be a lot of attention, and I want to make sure you’re ready for it.”

“Wait … are you like, famous or something?” I numbly unlock my phone as he hands it over, then he takes it from me and punches his number in.

“Or something. You good?”

I stare at where his name is lit up on my screen. “Yeah. I think so.”

“Good.” He brushes a long, lingering kiss across my mouth. “And if you decide you want to back out, I’ll be right over to screw you silly.”

Goddamn, I almost blow this whole thing off here and now. “You don’t fight fair, you know that?”

“Just wanted to make sure there was no confusion.”

He picks up his letter and his clothes and I watch him all the way to the door, reveling in last night and this morning and wondering what the fuck I’ve gotten myself into. His hair is still a mess from my pillows, my skin is still tight with his dried cum, my room coated in the smell of sex, and I’m aching to pull him back down under me until I know what every inch of his skin tastes like.

Émile opens my bedroom door and pauses. “Huh. Christian? There’s a naked man in your hall.”

I groan. “Jesus, Madden. You know you’re supposed to wear clothes when we have guests!”

He steps into view, hands raised like a busted perp. “In my defense, we were pretty sure he snuck out this morning. Like, it’s almost eleven, dude.” Madden eyes Émile. “Since when do hookups stay that long?”

Ah, crap. What do I say here? Boyfriend? Fiancé? Fellow con artist?

Émile blows me a kiss. “At least next time I’m here I’ll know that clothing is optional.”

“Next time?” Madden echoes as Émile disappears down the hall. My roommate turns his gaze on me. “There’s a story here, isn’t there? Should I get the others? Popcorn? Pizza? Or is this a rum situation?”

Might as well get it over and done with. “Let me shower and I’ll meet you all downstairs.”

“So is that a yes or no on the rum?”

“It’s still morning.

He raises his hands, lifting each in turn, like scales.

“It’s a no.”


It’s going to be a long day.

The guys aren’t known for being patient though so I grab a towel and some clothes and shower as quickly as I can. The last thing I need is them gathering in the bathroom because I’m taking too long. Again.

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About the Author

Saxon James unapologetically writes happy endings for LGBT+ characters.

While not writing, SM is a readaholic and Netflix addict who regularly lives on a sustainable diet of chocolate and coffee.

Member of SCBWI.

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Backlist Read 2023: All About Ella by Meredith Appleyard

This is the first book to mark off of my backlist reads for 2023, I wish I’d read it back when I got it because it was so good that it’s kept me up late reading it for the past few nights.

All About Ella does what Meredith Appleyard is so good at and gives us characters we grow to love, people, places and circumstances we can relate to and shows how complicated relationships can be.

Ella was an incredibly strong character, from the moment I was introduced to her I knew I was going to love her. I was angry for the way her family treated her, especially her awful daughter-in-law, what a piece of work she was, I was hoping karma would throw something terrible at her, but alas…
As I learned more about Ella and her late husband Sam’s life and the way he treated her and the children, I was awed by Ella’s way of looking at things, I liked that she was able to look back and see how things weren’t so great, but still, be positive about it all too. Sometimes it isn’t until we lose someone that we really take a look at who they were.

All of Ella’s children were extremely selfish individuals whose pretence at looking out for Ella was only driven by their own desire for her money. I’m sure this happens a lot more in real life than we can imagine, why shouldn’t older people make their own choices and spend their money the way they wish, they shouldn’t need to put their life on hold just so as their children will have something to inherit.

Meredith does a wonderful job of describing the town of Cutlers Bay, I’ve only been to Streaky Bay which is further along the coast than where Cutlers Bay is supposed to be based (I think), but I could imagine myself there, I could imagine the house that Ella fell in love with, I think I would like it there myself. I loved meeting the whole cast of characters from Cutlers Bay who rounded out the small-town feel beautifully.

What Ella finds when she runs away from her family is more than she could have imagined, she finds herself, she says something in the book about this and I felt for Ella, that it had taken her until she was 70 and had lost her husband to really find out who she was and how much she was capable of. Sam had pretty much ruled her life from the moment they got married and then her children had tried to do the same, running away saved her and allowed her to finally live life on her own terms.

Angie was another wonderful character that I grew to love, I felt a lot of compassion for her nomadic way of life, one she’d chosen not so much because she liked to travel and keep moving but because she was afraid to let herself get close to other people. Her family life was dysfunctional at best and her mother was certainly not the mother she (or anyone) needed. At 40 she knows nothing but this way of life, but meeting Ella turns her life on its head and starts her on her own journey of discovery.

Zach came a long way from the taciturn police officer who first met Ella and Angie and wanted them both to leave his town ASAP. Ella really was the catalyst for lots of changes in Angie and Zach, and even in Claire who had become lonely in her older age living by herself.

One of the things that Ella and Angie learn is that family doesn’t need to be blood-related and that sometimes our found families can be more important to us than those we call relatives. This was a beautifully written story about connecting with others and finding the things that make up happy in life and standing our ground against the people who say we can’t have them.

Thank you to Harlequin Australia for a digital copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Book Review: The Women and the Girls by Laura Bloom

I was surprised by how much I ended up enjoying this novel. I had previously tried reading it several times but never got past page 40 something. I initially found it hard to get my head around who the three women were, and which children and husbands went with them and I didn’t really connect with any of them to start with. I put this forward as one of my choices for my book club to read in an attempt to get at least one backlist book off of my TBR list (this has been on my shelf for nearly 2 years) and this was the one chosen, I’ll be interested to see what the other women thought. Taking this down the beach I was determined to give it a final shot and I am so glad I did because the fourth time saw me completely change my mind about this book.

After getting past that pesky page 40 something, I started to get my head around who was who and slowly began to, if not like, at least feel some understanding for each of the women.

Set in the 70s, Libby, Carol and Anna seem to have nothing in common other than their children are friends (sort of). They barely know each other at the start of the book, but an ABBA concert and one life-changing decision by Carol to leave her abusive husband sets in motion big changes for all three women and their families as both Libby and Anna are motivated to leave their own unhappy/unfulfilled marriages.

I grew to care about each of these women and their husbands, except for Carol’s husband, he was beyond any sort of redemption even by the end of the book. Each woman and their respective husband are forced to take a good look at their lives, who they are, what they want and what they need to be happy.

The 70s were certainly a different time to be a woman, a wife or a gay man and some of these differences made me very sympathetic to those they affected. For instance, Carol’s husband is able to cancel her passport so she can’t leave the country and she is unable to get a new one without his say-so, nor can she open a bank account or get a loan in her name without his signature. I mean seriously, this was the 70s, not the 1800s, it amazes me how little autonomy women had back then. And don’t get me started on male homosexuality being illegal until South Australia changed its laws in 1975 with other states following after. It wasn’t until 1994 it became a Commonwealth law. It is mind-boggling to me how long it is still taking for society to change its thinking on so many different aspects.

The children in the story play an important role in helping the women bond, but also in making them realise things about themselves and each child as an individual. While initially these women and girls (and one boy) are thrown together and seem to thrive in their new environment, there are many things to consider as time passes and they all have to deal with the fallout of their choices and their personalities and some cracks appear. They went from near strangers to living in a sharehouse in days and while the women created strong supportive and lasting friendships from this shared experience, the children (and their parents) learned that not everyone has to get along and like each other.

I really appreciated how these three women stepped up and supported each other and their children, each learned to roll with their strengths and ask for help with things they didn’t do well. They learned to look past the surface of what a person shows the world and understand each other’s journey so far while encouraging each other in their journeys forward. Communication was tantamount to making this new way of life work and also in holding onto the newly formed friendships. I liked seeing how Libby, Carol and Anna each took their new freedom from their marriage down different paths and how they dealt with the differences between them as they came up.

Each person involved in these three relationships had flaws, likeable and unlikeable character traits and good and bad decision-making skills, this kept things very real and allowed for growth on so many levels. It wasn’t all smooth sailing for any of them, as individuals and as a collective. And as with how it all started with one thing as the catalyst, it all starts to fall apart the same way.

I was happy with the ending for each woman and the choices they made for their futures, and the possibilities that lie ahead for them all.

New Release Book Review: Silverstorm by Suzanne Cass

It’s been 9 months since I was last at Stargazer Ranch and I was hopeful for the people there and in the small town that they had seen the last of the crime that has hounded the people who live and work there. Alas, it wasn’t to be.

I really enjoyed Silverstorm, the newest book in this series. Deputy Sherif Jude Wilder who got injured in Cloudburst (book 4) after trying to protect Penny and Clayton (who I was pleased to see were still together and going strong) is drawn to Aria when she arrives back in town after being away for years and who never planned to return.

Aria’s backstory wasn’t a happy one with her home life being bad enough she left town as soon as she could, and she has been estranged from her father and her sister since. Though she is hopeful she can reconnect with her sister now she has returned, it seems that fate has other ideas and Aria’s life is thrown into chaos when a murderer arrives in town who seems to be connected to her and her family.

Once again Jude, being the lovely guy he is steps in to help Aria who isn’t used to having someone who wants to help her or take care of her, she’s arrived in town with her self-esteem at an all-time low, homeless and jobless, newly single and pregnant and scared to rely on anyone but herself. Jude is such a nice guy, and I liked how despite his reservations he chooses to support Aria from the moment he realises she needs help.

There were plenty of twists and turns throughout this story, an unlikeable detective who I wished Jude would shoot many times throughout the murder investigation (unfortunately he didn’t) and some very deluded bad guys who put Aria’s life in danger. There were a few edge-of-the-seat moments when I wasn’t sure if things were going to turn out well for Aria and Jude which kept me up reading in order to find out what was going to happen.

I loved how once again the Stargazer (found) family are there to support one of their own after Aria gets a job there working with Naomi one of the owners. Aria really lucked out when she got a job there, I wish I could find such a great place to work, minus the murders, arsonists and kidnappers of course.

Silverstorm can be read as a standalone, but you’ll enjoy the whole series. I hope sometime in the future we get another Stargazer story.

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Cover Reveal, Excerpt & Giveaway: Can’t Say Goodbye by Eden Finley



Our quick hellos are followed by drawn out goodbyes.

What started out as one fun night turned into a regular thing none of us ever planned for.

I can’t walk away from Kit and Prescott. Kit is the stern nurturer I need. He’s the caretaker, the solid presence. Prescott enables my wild ways. He’s someone I can have fun with. They couldn’t be more perfect for me.

But come graduation, I have to move across the country, and geography isn’t our only obstacle. Being in a relationship with two men isn’t good for my public image, my brother’s NFL career, or the media frenzy that surrounds my famously queer family.

We have a plan to meet up once a year, but with every reunion, every brief visit, we fall deeper.

There has to be a breaking point, something that will end it for us, or soon it will be impossible to say goodbye at all.

Release Date: January 25, 2023

Cover Design: Natasha Snow Designs
Photo: Wander Aguiar Photography
Models: Jacob, Patrick & Scott

Genre: MMM Romance
Trope: Military romance, pining, long distance


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As soon as the bartender hands me my drink and I pay, I turn, only to hit a wall of SEAL. It’s the darker-haired one of the two. My drink spills all over his tight black shirt, and I would be mortified if it wasn’t the move I was planning to do on my way back past them. It just so happened he approached me first.

“I’m so sorry,” I say, trying to sound as sincere as I can.

The half smile he sent my way while I was on the dance floor is still in place. “I’m sure you are.” Then? He reaches back and takes his shirt off, wiping down his wet abs with it.

I almost swallow my tongue.

A voice comes from behind me. “Ignore him. He wouldn’t know the word ‘subtle’ if it hit him over the head.”

I turn to find the other guy there, and I have no idea when he moved. If the haircuts, muscles, and dog tags hanging around the shirtless one’s neck didn’t tip me off about them being SEALs, their stealth would.

“I’m Kit. The show-off is Prescott.”

“Brady,” I croak and then clear my throat.

I was supposed to be approaching them or subtly moving closer and closer to them to get them to approach me. I love that they’ve made the first move, but they’ve thrown me off my game.

It’s hard not to blurt out they should take me home and fuck me.

Kit takes a seat at the bar, facing outward like he was before. “Pres, go dry your shirt in the bathroom and put your abs away.”

“I’m not complaining about the abs,” I say. “At all.”

Prescott laughs. “I’ll be right back.”

He heads toward the bathrooms at the back. I glance at Kit, silently questioning if we’re supposed to be following him, but Kit chuckles and gets the bartender’s attention.

“Another of whatever he ordered.”

“It’s Coke,” I say.

“Ah. Let me guess. You either go to Franklin U or San Diego State.”

FU all the way.” And yes, I meant to emphasize the FU part. It’s the best thing about my school, really—the double entendres. “It’s not just the name of the school but an invitation. In case you were wondering.”

Kit throws his head back and laughs. “Forward, I’ll give you that. But which one of us are you interested in?”

This is where it gets tricky. Sometimes it happens naturally, like on the dance floor sandwiched between two guys who offer to take me home. I’ve found there’s no real way to ask to be spit roasted eloquently.

“What’s your deal with him?” I ask.


“Roommates as in actual roommates or roommates like in the fifties where ‘they never married women and lived together in a one-bedroom apartment and shared a bed but they were just roommates’?

“Somewhere in between?

I grin. “Perfect answer.”

“Why’s that perfect?”

I step closer to him. Kit widens his legs so I can stand between them, and his hands land on my hips. “Because now I can ask for both of you without making it weird between you.”

“Would you have cared if you made it weird?”

“I want a threesome, not to wreck someone’s relationship.”

A large presence appears, and Prescott is back. “Did I hear ‘threesome?’ Damn, Kit. You worked fast tonight.”

“Surprisingly, I didn’t have to work at all,” Kit says. “Brady here might be even less subtle than you.”

“I take it this isn’t your first time picking someone up and taking them home, then?” I ask.

“It’s our favorite thing to do while off duty,” Prescott says.

I shrug. “Works for me. I’ll go tell my friend I’m bailing on him.”

Prescott sits while I go find Felix. He’s at the other end of the bar ordering water, and as soon as I say I’m leaving, he wants all the details.

When I point out Kit and Prescott, he says, “May you have the spit-roasting you truly deserve.” Loudly. Luckily, the guys are too far away to hear it, but even if they did, I don’t think I’d care. I’d hope they’d take it as a suggestion. But this is exactly why I love Felix. He’s sex positive and doesn’t judge me for who I am and what I’m into.

I’m not so sure I could say the same for many others.

I kiss the top of Felix’s head and go back to Prescott and Kit with anticipation thrumming through me. I’m not going to get my hopes up though. Not yet.

I’ve been in situations before where couples have wanted to bring in a third only to get cold feet when it came to going through with it. I get it, and it’s understandable, but it’s taught me not to count my chickens, so to speak.

“Ready to get out of here?” I ask them.

For their part, there’s no hesitation as Prescott stands and wraps his arm around my shoulders. “Let’s go.”

Kit follows, and outside, the breeze cools my hot skin.

“Car?” I ask.

“Our place is close by,” Prescott says.

No car means no license plate. “Hmm, okay. I’m gonna need to take photos of you then.”

They stop me and stand in front of me.

“Why?” Kit asks.

“In case I end up getting fished out of San Diego Bay. My friend back there will have a lead on where to find my killers. Oh, and the address of where we’re going will help too. Thanks.”

Prescott steps closer and reaches into my front pocket to pull my phone out. He’s so close I can feel his breath on my cheek, and I shiver, goosebumps scattering all over my skin.

He holds up my phone. “As long as these photos don’t end up on social media.”

“They won’t. Unless you kill me.”

He laughs. “Of course. Get in here between us.”

I blink up at him. “That sounds promising.”

Kit shakes his head. “We’re going to have our hands full with you, aren’t we?”

“I hope so.”

Prescott opens the camera from my lock screen and holds his arms out. “Smile.”

I stick out my tongue instead.

“You do know if something did happen to you, that would be the photo splashed all over the news?” Kit points out. “Are you sure you want that?”

“Hmm, good point. Though, not at all reassuring. Take a couple more in case.”

After Prescott’s snapped a couple of more pics, he hands the phone back to me. “Just so you know, if those photos do end up online, it could put our lives and careers on the line, so it would be smart of us not to hurt you in any way.”

“In any way? What if I ask for it?” I bat my eyelashes one more time.

“Jesus H Christ,” Kit hisses in my ear.

“Mm, seems you’ve found a way to make Kit weak in the knees,” Prescott says. “We’re going to have so much fun with you.”

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One of Five eARC’s for Can’t Say Goodbye

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About the Author

Eden Finley is an Amazon bestselling author who writes steamy contemporary romances that are full of snark and light-hearted fluff.

She doesn’t take anything too seriously and lives to create an escape from real life for her readers. The ideas always begin with a wackadoodle premise, and she does her best to turn them into romances with heart.

With a short attention span that rivals her son’s, she writes multiple different pairings: MM, MMF, and MF.

She’s also an Australian girl and apologises for her Australianisms that sometimes don’t make sense to anyone else.

Connect with Eden

Website / Newsletter Sign Up / Facebook Author Page / Facebook Reader Group

Goodreads Author Page / Twitter / Instagram / Tiktok / Pinterest

Amazon Author Page / Bookbub Author Page


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New Release Book Review: Perfectly Wild by Leesa Bow

Perfectly Wild (Beautifully Wild #3) by Leesa Bow 


The series that started with Beautifully Wild (formerly Ulara) “A story of travel, of soulmates, forbidden love, forbidden journeys, secrets and ultimately finding out who you are and what you want from life; a journey of self-discovery” (from my review) followed by Hopelessly Wild (formerly Wild at Heart) is beautifully concluded in Perfectly Wild.

Eden and Samuel have been on a wild journey both experiencing both wonderful and terrible things. Now after having escaped the jungle barely hanging onto his life Samuel joins Eden and their daughter Rose in Adelaide hoping to make a happy life for them all together. But as they have discovered before, life doesn’t always give us what we want.

Samuel is very sick and also suffering PTSD and extreme guilt from his time trying to help the Ularan’s find a new home after theirs became too dangerous to stay in. We slowly uncover some of what Samuel went through to fulfil his promise to the people he had grown to love and my heart broke for him and all he had endured and the struggle he was still going through believing he needed to provide for his family at the loss of his own happiness.

Eden is a force to be reckoned with and does everything she can to help Samuel and to get him to realise his health and happiness are what is most important. Eden also has her grandmother’s diary and she slowly reads each chapter and uncovers more secrets about her grandmother’s time with the Ularan’s and learns to understand and be in awe of all she went through. Eden’s family, especially her father has to relearn all they thought they knew about this extraordinary woman.

Perfectly Wild was an emotional journey on many fronts for me as the reader as I stood by Eden and Samuel as they tried their best to come to terms with everything they’d been through to get to where they now were. With the support of their families and their friends, they are able to work their way through the many difficulties and find peace and happiness, though there were times I wondered if it could possibly have a happy outcome for everyone.

I hope we might one day get to find out more about Eden’s dad’s journey to possibly connect with his sister one day as this has so much potential as another story.

A wonderful series that must be read in order.


My experience in the jungle taught me how fate tested the balance of life and to never become complacent. 

I thought returning to modern civilization would be okay because we have each other. 

That our love would be enough. 

That our family would be enough. 

A perfect love. 

Only Samuel is no ordinary man. 

And the jungle calls to him. 

In my heart, I sense I’m losing the battle. 

I have to find another place for us to belong that doesn’t threaten our lives. 

Because a love like ours is worth fighting for. 

Fate has no idea what I will do or how far I’ll go for love. 

Perfectly Wild is a contemporary romance/medical romance with a twist; a wounded hero; a feisty heroine who fights for their love. Running out of time love, with steamy moments, secrets, lies, and heartache that will hit you straight in the feels. Opposites attract, and the grumpy/sunshine banter you’ll love. 

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adventure romance, Romantic suspense, New adult romance, Contemporary Women’s Fiction 

Cover Design: Letitia at RBA Designs  

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Author Bio 

Best selling Australian author, Leesa Bow writes alphas with a fierce determination to win, and the women who will push for them to fight harder. She is known for her steamy sports romance and her latest adventure romance. 

Leesa lives in sunny Queensland, Australia. She spends her spare time with her family, and catching up with girlfriends for coffee or a wine. 

Leesa loves to keep fit with pilates, and yoga, and keeping the fun with laughter in her life. 

She loves nothing more than to curl up with a good book, and a glass of South Australian wine. 

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Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway: Got Me Merry by Casey Cox

GOT ME MERRYVet Shop Boys #6 by Casey Cox


Book #6 in the Vet Shop Boys series and we get to meet vet students Chester and Lawson who are best friends and secretly half in love with each other. They both fit in seamlessly with the rest of the Vet Shop Boys and their partners and I loved how they all band together to help Chester show Lawson how good Christmas can be and as an added bonus, show them they are in love with the other.

A sweet low-angst Christmas romance I adored the friendship between Lawson and Chester and was firmly in the ‘they should get together’ camp. This was fun and sweet and included an adorable two-legged dog who needed a home.

I look forward to more Vet Shop Boys in the future.


Can my best friend get me to enjoy the holidays? Ho… Ho… Um… No?

Christmas just isn’t my jam. The crowds. The cold. That Mariah Carey song blasting everywhere I go. Thanks, but no thanks.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no Grinch. The holidays are awesome if you have a great family and money to shower them with gifts. Unfortunately for me, I have neither of those things.

All I want for Christmas (great, now I’m quoting that damn Mariah song) is to focus on my internship at the Vet Shop Boys clinic and hanging out with my best friend and roommate.

Turns out Chester has got other ideas. Along with a crew of loved-up vets, he’s on a mission to get me to enjoy the holidays and fall in love with him.

Wait… What?!

There’s no way I’ll ever become one of those festive people who likes Christmas, but who knows? Maybe this will be the first holiday season that actually gets me merry?

Got Me Merry is book 6 in the Vet Shop Boys series and can be read as a stand-alone. Expect plenty of humor, found family, best-friends-to-lovers, a grumpy Christmas Grinch, a sunshiny Christmas lover, some very wacky Christmas traditions, a sizzling hot fun run on a freezing winter day, a two-legged dog with a heart of gold, meddling vets determined to add a sprinkling of love to the holidays, and a heartwarming happily ever after!

Cover Design: Wicked by Design

Genre: M/M Holiday Romance
Trope: Best friends-to-lovers, found family, small town romance, grumpy sunshine, satire, HEA


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About the Author

Casey Cox is an Australian MM romance author whose work includes the hugely popular VET SHOP BOYS series.

Casey loves spending time at the beach and is the proud paw-rent to two utterly adorable French Bulldogs – Ralphie and Lilly.

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New Release Book Review: Rocked: The Price of Dreams by Tania Joyce

I loved the Everhide series so being taken back to when Gemma, Hunter & Kyle first met in high school and traversing their ups and downs and their strong friendship to the beginnings of their fame opened up a new appreciation for these three.

I loved how seamlessly they all connected and how strong their bond became, it was this bond that allowed them to get through some really painful trials with their families. None of them had particularly happy homelives, though Kyle’s was the one that brought me to tears and affected all three of them.

Tania Joyce has a way of writing real, raw and damaged but strong characters who pull at your heartstrings as you get to know them. Each one of her books in the Everhide series deals with some serious issues and Rocked: The Price of Dreams is no different. All three come from families struggling with their own problems; alcoholism, abuse, and neglect, all of these impact in big ways on Gemma, Kyle and Hunter and will leave scars on them that carry through the series.

I loved how they grew into strong young adults from the young insecure teens when the book first started. Music drew them together and gave them something to live for and they aimed big and despite everything made their dreams happen.

A really great addition to the Everhide series.

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Rapt: The Price of Love (book 3)

Regret: The Price of Truth (book 4)

Rewind: The Price of Fate (book 5)

Returned: The Price of Time (book 6)


The day I met Kyle and Hunter, my life changed.
Music united us. Bound us together.
We shared a dream…to become rockstars.
But we came from a poor part of town.
The people who should love us, don’t.
Sometimes, life took violent turns.
The only thing I had were these two guys.
Nothing could break us. Nothing.
How far was I willing to go to make our dream come true?
Would it be worth leaving everything behind?
From the moment we played our first song together,
Nothing could’ve prepared me for the path that lay ahead.

This is the prequel to the Everhide Rockstar Romance Series. This is a PRE-ROMANCE that leads into the relationships that develop throughout the series.