New Release Book Review: Misty – Lyrebird Lake by Fiona McArthur

MistyBook #2 in the new Lyrebird Lake series, focuses on Misty, a midwife who has the ability to ‘see things’, this is ultimately what brings her into contact with Ben, a single dad who nearly loses his life to an accident, and in which Misty is able to save him.

The connection between these two was instant and something more than just chemistry, the kind of connection you definitely don’t find every day, and one which has a touch of magic about it.

If you read book one, Montana you’ll be familiar with the women’s centred care birth centre that Misty’s brother Andy and Montana set up. It is this centre that draws Misty to move to Lyrebird Lake, it is also this centre, and Misty that draws Ben to also relocate to Lyrebird Lake.  I really enjoyed learning more about midwifery and women’s centred birth, and I loved the birthing scenes that put Ben completely out of his comfort zone.

While Ben has his daughter, Tammy and her situation to deal with, he is struggling with his relationship with her and the introduction of Misty into their lives causes a few issues. Ben is slightly clueless at times, but he’s been through a lot and has a good heart and I liked him a lot. Misty was very closed off, past relationships having made her build a wall around her, but she is a great character. There are a few misunderstandings, and some teenage drama but I was certainly hopeful that both Misty and Ben and Ben and Tammy, could work everything out and get their happy ever after.

A really enjoyable read and I look forward to returning to Lyrebird Lake soon.

Thanks to Fiona McArthur for a digital copy of this book in return for an honest review.


3 thoughts on “New Release Book Review: Misty – Lyrebird Lake by Fiona McArthur

  1. I’ve read the first one and loved it. This sounds fabulous too. I’m hoping to get to it soon.


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