Book Review: One From the Heart: A Rivervue Community Theatre romance anthology


This was a really enjoyable series and it flowed seamlessly from one book to the next. The three writers have done a great job collaborating with each other to achieve this.

Tread the Boards by Nikki Logan The first book in the Rivervue Community Theatre was a delightful romance, with plenty of secrets to be unearthed for both Kenzie and Dylan. Whether their fledgling relationship can survive Dylan’s secret is another thing as it has a massive impact on Kenzie and her family. I really liked both of these characters, I found I empathised greatly with Dylan’s mutism and loved the way Kenzie dealt with him. I loved Phantom, the dog, he was an adorable character that helped bring these two together

Set the Stage by Daniel De Lorne – I enjoyed the second book in the series, running at the same time as book 1 we get to know Bruce in this book and his old friend Gabriel. This book also has secrets that have been kept and that cause big issues between Gabriel and Bruce. Bruce has a tendency to jump to conclusions without listening to the other person’s reasons, but eventually, they work things out. They are so good together, they just needed to get their acts together

Take a Bow by Fiona Greene – This was a great ending to the Rivervue Theatre series. I enjoyed finding out more about Lexi and the struggles she’d been through, two really sad events that could have been so different. Once again there were secrets, but I didn’t think the main secret should have been held against her by Mark, seeing as he was part of the reason there was a secret in the first place. I loved that the fate of the theatre comes to a close and I enjoyed seeing how the Draven play panned out. I do enjoy a second chance romance when you can tell the characters should be together.

Thanks to NetGalley and Harlequin Australia for a digital copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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