New Release Book Review: A Letter for Rosie by Kelly Cameron

A Letter for RosieThis three-generational tale crossing three timelines and coming together beautifully is a story of family and survival on the land.

Starting in 1902 and ending in 2016, we meet Edward & Irene, Nancy & Frank, Samuel & Laine, and finally Chad & Rose. Four couples and three generations working hard to make a living on Buttai, the family farm.

I have to say I found it a little confusing to start with, keeping all the characters and the years clear in my head, but as I kept reading, I needed to flick back less and less to remember where everyone fit in.

There are a few tragedies a relative you’d rather forget, the struggles of motherhood, the struggle to make ends meet, and the joys of family. I really loved Edward as the spirit only a few could see.  

Kelly Cameron does a good job of weaving together the different threads of this story, she brings in the need for family and community and the necessity of the rural firefighters in this often harsh country of ours. The characters were relatable, though I got a bit annoyed with Rose and her decision to keep the financial struggles to herself and not share the burden with Chad. And then when a threat is made, she keeps that to herself too, I wanted to shake her.

Being able to keep a farm going that has been in the family for generations like Buttai, would be a wonderful thing as well as a burden I imagine, especially in the present day. I take my hat off to all the farmers out there doing it tough for the love of the land.

Thanks to the author and Booksprout for a digital copy in return for an honest review.



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