Book Review: The Christmas Gift: A Mini Westport Mystery by Beth Prentice

The Christmas Gift is a novella in The Westport Mysteries series and is actually book 1.5 even though it says book 1.

img_20190124_112215This was another fun story about Lizzie and her crazy family and of course gorgeous handyman Riley who is now her boyfriend of 6 months. These two are so cute together, so much in love, and lucky them, sex is always on the menu.

This time Lizzie isn’t in danger but she does have a mystery to solve. After deciding she has to have a real tree for Christmas, Lizzie brings home a little bit extra, (what a surprise). With an element of the mystical Lizzie will make an old couple happy.

Grandma Mabel is up to her same crazy behaviour and poor Lizzie’s mum is still pulling her hair out, part of me doesn’t blame her, I probably would be too, another part of me wants to say ‘take a chill pill mum’

I can’t wait to read book 3 next month.

About the book: Lizzie’s back! It’s her first Christmas with Riley and time for a new tradition. This year it’s a real tree that Lizzie wants. So a visit to ‘Happy Christmas Trees’ is on the to do list. And with the help of Earl, the elderly gentleman with a limp, she even finds the perfect tree.

But the tree comes with a mystery gift – a beautiful etched glass bauble that sends prisms of light dancing around the room.

But why did Lizzie get the bauble? And why has no one at ‘Happy Christmas Trees’ ever heard of Earl?

These holidays Lizzie will stumble along a journey where the past merges with the present, and where she learns the true meaning of Christmas.

PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED AS ‘It Started With A Christmas Tree’

This can be bought alone or as a box set with Books 1 & 2.

Amazon AU boxset

Amazon AU novella

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