Book Review: The Second Cure by Margaret Morgan

This book was scary, not in a horror kind of scary, but in a oh my god this is so believable that it could actually happen, kind of scary. An extremely thought provoking novel. dav

What a concept, ‘Control the brain and you control the world’

A virus that has nearly wiped out the entire cat population, has also infected humans. It’s altering peoples minds in different ways and some of those not infected are using it as a way to divide the country.

Religion plays a big part in the division of the people, with a man in a position of power using it to fulfil his goals to rule over the masses and get away with whatever he wants by making laws that suit him. One of the side effects of the virus was often a loss of religious belief and this side effect was used by the religious fanatics in their goal of domination. The fanatics were terrifying and the control over the country and the people that they wielded was downright wrong. The concepts in this book are all the more worrying because you can see it playing out in the real world.

The female characters in this novel, especially Charlotte and  Brigid were very strong women. One a scientist, the other a reporter, both trying to do the right thing for the greater good, despite the fact it puts them in danger.

There is a lot of science talk in the book, but it is written in such a way that you don’t feel you’ve missed anything, even though I didn’t really understand what they are talking about all of the time (or a lot), I still managed to get the gist of it.

Things heat up in the second half of the book, which is set some 15 years on. Secrets come out and the power of the bad guys starts to be challenged as we find out just how far the corruption has evolved. As with past atrocities, there are luckily, always people working underground to try and fix things or who endeavour to keep those most at risk, safe. There are many unexpected twists that occur in the final part of the book, which really made for a great ending.

As I said, it is a thought provoking read that I hope doesn’t put ideas into crazy and power-hungry people’s heads.


About the book: Dark, thrilling and compulsively readable, The Second Cure is a provocative debut novel about control, courage and belief.

A pandemic is racing through our world, changing people subtly but irrevocably. The first sign for some is losing their faith. For others it comes as violent outpourings of creativity, reckless driving and seeing visions.

Scientist Charlotte Zinn is close to a cure when her partner becomes infected. Overnight her understanding of the disease is turned upside down. Should she change the path of evolution?

As Australia is torn apart, reporter Brigid Bayliss is determined to uncover the dark truth behind the religious response to the outbreak.

Brigid and Charlotte find themselves on the frontline of a world splintering into far left and far right, with unexpected power to change the course of history. But at what cost?

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