End of Year Top 10 (or so) Books

This year I lost a bit of my reading and reviewing mojo, but I am determined to up my game again next year with my reviewing and get my reading mojo back. I have several books I’m really looking forward to in the new year; Penelope Janu’s Clouds on the Horizon, Monique Mulligan’s Wildflower, Michael Trant’s Wild Dogs and Victoria Purman’s The Nurses’ War just to name a few.

Next year I also plan on focusing on getting through my backlog of review books that I have fallen behind on, I’m thinking of calling those posts Reading Rewind, or Backlist Catchup or something like that, if you’ve a suggestion for a cool title I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Anyway, onto 10 of my favourite reads for 2021, once again this was a tough pick because I read lots of great books. To check out all my reads for 2021 check my Goodreads page here

So, in my top 10 in no particular order, well except for the first book which I think is going into my favourite top 10 ever read, Honeybee by Craig Silvey, if you haven’t read it, or listened to it (I’ve done both), do yourself a favour and grab a copy today.

Ok, so I can’t count, but 14 looked neater in the picture and even 14 were hard to pick from all the great books I read.

I’m really looking forward to reading many many more fabulous book in all genres in 2022, this year I read a lot of romance novels which is unusual for me, not that I don’t usually read romance, but the sheer amount I read this year compared to other genres increased considerably, I think my brain really needed some easy HEA reads this year.

Until next year which is only 2 days away, happy reading and I wish you a happy new year. Thank you for your support this year, I hope you tune in next year to see what great books I’ve been reading.

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