Book Review: The Dare by Carol E Wyer

This is book 3 in the Detective Natalie Ward series and I have thoroughly enjoyed each book and am looking forward to at least two more in this series that I know she has written and are waiting to be published.

The Dare‘The Dare’ is called Disappear, and found on an online website which is encouraging people to disappear for 1 or more days, teenagers are all for doing crazy dares, but this one is leaving their loved ones to completely freaked out with worry. Are the children doing the dare or is it something more serious.¬†

This story had so many twists and false leads during the hunt for the person who is kidnapping and murdering children, that everyone was a suspect. ¬†Natalie is still having problems at home, I personally think she should cut and run, but she is a good mum, who is worried about how the conflict with her husband is affecting her children. She’s now also concerned for her daughter’s safety with this criminal on the loose and being a typical teenager, she’s not being very communicative.

As Natalie tries to figure out how the children are connected, we get little pieces of the killers past and his thoughts in short chapters interspersed through the story.

Carol Wyer had me guessing until the end who it was that was the killer, with so many people acting suspiciously and keeping secrets, Detective Natalie Ward has a big job to sort it all out in time.

Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for a digital copy of this book in return for an honest review.


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