New Release Giveaway and review – The Art of Dust by Mel Rowe

Today I am giving you all an opportunity to win an e-copy of Mel Rowe’s new second chance rural romance The Art of Dust #1 in the Elsie Creek Series, releasing 22nd May 2019. To be in for a chance to win leave a comment below on the blog or on the post on my FB page.

I found this to be a really enjoyable second chance romance. Kat returns to Elsie Creek because her Uncle is Dying, this leads to secrets she has kept being found out, and past misunderstandings coming to light. There were times I wasn’t sure if the characters Kat and Kyle were going to be able to get it together. There was plenty of angst and second guessing, reminiscing and hope for something more. The cast of secondary characters are varied, the old blokes who hang out in the hardware store are quirky and loveable characters. This is a town that’s been through hard times, but still comes together as a community when the chips are down. One of my favourite characters is a water buffalo who delivers messages to the townspeople.

AOD cover FB5


the ART of DUST

Some summer loves you can never forget, found in a place where summer never ends…Where you’ll discover the essence of the rugged and romantic outback of Australia’s Northern Territory, in this small-town series of Elsie Creek. It’s a place filled with more cattle and crocodiles than people—who still manage to find love…

Are you ready to Escape to a HAPPILY EVER AFTER?

After seven-years, creative Mumpreneur, Kathryn (Kat) Jones, returns to the outback town of Elsie Creek at the request of her dying uncle. Kat can’t fix the man but she can care for his wife, fix his home, and fix his beloved vehicle to get him there.

Workaholic, Kyle Smythe, owns the only mechanical workshop in town, and he’s about to propose to another woman when his ex-muse rolls into his yard seeking help to restore her uncle’s ute.

For Kat, Kyle was her best friend, her creative collaborator, and first and only love. But his rejection tore her heart apart.

Kyle’s scars still sting over Kat’s desertion—especially when he’d needed her the most.

Yet these long-lost summer soulmates are compelled to team-up to make a man they both care for happy in his final days.

Can they work together without re-igniting that spark shared those many summers ago? Or will it remind them of their promises of forever that ended in never…

Are you a fan of small town Australian rural romance stories?

Then you’ll adore Australian bestselling author, Mel A ROWE’s unique outback spin, set in a place where cattle and crocodiles outnumber the people and where the summer never ends… Welcome, to Elsie Creek.

What readers are saying about this sweet, second chance, small town, rural romance:

“The author paints an amazing picture of the outback with her words drawing you into the story…”

“If you’re fan of Aussie outback stories then you will enjoy this…”

“The descriptions of the outback are so real, you would think you were in Australia yourself.”

 “A wonderful outback tale”

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About the author

Australian Bestselling Author, Mel A ROWE, is a Writer & Weekend Wanderer, trying not to get too lost outback of Northern Australia.

Besides indulging in her regular random road trips, fumbling with her camera, and annoying her family with her bad singing—it’s her novels she enjoys creating the most. Suffering from an allergy to all things corporately serious, Mel’s novels are dished up with a dash of drama, witty humour, and quirky family units. Known for reinventing romantic versions of home, Mel takes her common characters on an uncommon journey that leads from boardrooms to billabongs as they try to find their own HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Feel free to connect with Mel at…

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Monthly challenge update – April 2019

Oh wow and I thought I’d slowed down this month, how wrong was I!!

April reads 2019

With a total of 26 books read or listened to this month, I think I have outdone myself.

In my AWW Challange, I may have completely blown that goal out of the water with a total of 56 books read this year so far by Australian Women Writers.

My Goodreads Challenge is now 95/200 which means at only 4 months in, I’m 48% complete and currently 30 books ahead of my goal, which allows me plenty of leeway if I get into a slump (a real one, not an imagined one lol).

In The Aussie Author Challenge which I admit to not updating on their website yet, I have now read all of the books in the challenge. I will list them next time.

My latest Book Bingo post will show you how I am going with that.

I have read some great books this month so I advise you to check some of them out. If I had to choose a favourite I think it would be Victoria Purman’s The Land Girls. But I am also loving Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changlings series. I have plenty more great books to read and plenty of reviews coming up this month.

Happy reading until next time.



New Release Book Review: Merindah Park by Renee Dahlia

The first book in a new series, Merindah Park was an enjoyable romance and a great introduction to the siblings who will feature in the next books.

IMG_20190420_131450This story focuses on John and Toshiko and is set in Japan, where they meet while John is buying a horse from her brother, and in Australia on John’s horse property Merindah Park, where Toshiko, a vet, travels with John and the horses. I enjoyed the chemistry between the two characters, which was evident from the start of the novel. The cultural differences between the two and how they had to deal with them to move forward in a relationship at times made things between them difficult. It was especially difficult for Toshiko as she had been born into a culture where women defer to the men, especially the father in their wishes, family is more important than the individuals desires. Toshiko is running from a family expectation and the chemistry between John and Toshiko makes the dilemma she is running from clearer and more complicated. Will secrets stop and expectations stop these two being together?

The horseracing industry isn’t one I know too much about, or horses in general for that matter. Renee Dahlia’s love of horses and knowledge of the industry certainly comes through in this story.

Johns siblings were great characters and I enjoyed the rapport that they all had between each other as a family. I look forward to reading their stories.

Monthly Challenge Update – March

During the month of March, I didn’t feel I read all that much, turns out I was wrong. I actually read 18 books, which isn’t fabulous, but not too shabby either. I’m a bit late with this update, but I’ve been a bit busy with one thing or another.

March reads

Updating my reading challenges

My Goodreads challenge was at the end of March 69/200 books, which means I am a fair few books ahead of schedule.Click on the link to check out the books.

For the Australian Women Writers Challenge  I read 14 books, all of which were really good reads, I did have a couple of favourites, one of which I will be posting about next week.

In The Aussie Author Challenge I have crossed off 4/4 books by Australian women, 2/4 by Australian men and 4/4 books by Australian authors I wasn’t familiar with. So 10/12 books crossed off already. I have two more Aussie Male books to read this month, then this challenge is finished, I’ll just need to add the links.

See my ook Bingo post to see how I am going with that.

Well that’s it for this month, happy reading 🙂

Romantic Rendezvous Perth 2019 ARRA


Today my sister and I were lucky enough to catch up with some great authors at Australian Romance Readers Association’s Romantic Rendezvous in Perth. There were 16 fabulous authors, some already known to us and some new ones, that we got to chat to about their books and we grabbed a few of their hardcopy books and downloaded a few more ebooks. Because you can never have enough books! We also picked up some cool swag.

One of the highlights was a Q&A with Keri Arthur and Celeste Bradley which was really interesting.

Laura N Andrews writes m/f and m/m romance, I’ve read both of her IMG_20190331_170633.jpgBromley Brothers books so I treated myself to her first two books from the Timeless love series.




Keri Arthur came from over east, I mdedidn’t realise that I had 6 of her books on my bookshelf, I’m not sure I’ve read them all though, I’ll have to do that now, she has way more books than I realised.


Leah Ashton was there, if you remember I did a Q&A with Leah mdethe other week and a great review of the first book in her new WASP Team series, Undaunted, well today I had preordered book 2 Defiant for pick up, I can’t wait to read it.



Claire Boston an author who I have all mdebut 2 of her books, this will be rectified at some point, but my sister bought book 2 in her Texan Quartet series, I’m sure she’ll enjoy it.



Celeste Bradley and her husband flew mdeover from the US, she’s a new author for me so I bought her latest book (which my sister says she’ll borrow). They were lovely to chat to.



Demelza Carlton, gorgeous as always with her fabulous swag and reimagined fairytales as well as her new book The Devil’s Work.

Shona Husk whose new book Severed IMG_20190331_195015I’m currently reading, and thoroughly enjoying, it’s a different genre a SFR/fantasy romance with m/m/f relationships, it has had me hooked.


Rachael Johns had all her wonderful books with her, and being the mug IMG_20190331_195444collector I am I couldn’t go past her new mug.




Lovely Jennie Jones whose new book Lone Star Protector I reviewed and loved the other week had time for a long chat.

I met the outgoing Renae Kaye for the first time, she writes fun gay romance, all set in Perth, I’ve ordered one of her books from the library and look forward to reading it.

Another of my favourite authors Juanita Kees bought her new puppy Stella along to say hi, she was so tired she could barely lift her head (the puppy not Juanita). I recently read Juanita’s Wongan Creek series and loved all three books, check out my reviews from past blog posts.

Gorgeous Lily Malone made it to the venue without getting lost (yay Lily)  she provided us with a few laughs when she signed to Claire Bear in someone else’s book 😂🤣, only Lily…

JO Mantel was the only male romance mdeauthor and delightful to chat to, I picked up one of his shorter novels, due to watching my spending and look forward to trying out this new author who popped over from Victoria for the event.


Susanna Rogers was another new author I met, her books sound great and I’ve downloaded Slash and Burn (a rockstar romance) on my kindle to try.

Tee Smith has a couple of great sounding series that I hope to get to soon, she was lovely to chat to also.

Sasha Wasley was once again a delight to chat with, I can’t wait for the next book in her Daughters of the Outback series, out in the wild soon.

Here’s some of the swag I picked up mde


It was a fabulous afternoon  I do love catching up with authors I know and meeting new ones. Thanks to all the attending authors and ARRA for organising. Now I’m off to finish Severed by Shona Husk and have an early night (well earlier than last nights 2am).








Pre-release Book Review: Shadows Over Wongan Creek by Juanita Kees

This is the newest book in the Wongan Creek series by Juanita Kees and I have to say it was fabulous, this is definitely my favourite of the series, and I’ve enjoyed them all.

IMG_20190227_181354Back in Wongan Creek we meet Fenella, or Fen as she’s better known. Fen was such a great character, flawed but an amazingly strong person with a huge heart despite the trauma she’s endured in her past. Fen is definitely my favourite female character from this series. After an error in judgement about a guy she let into her life and her families business, Fen is being threatened and told to keep quiet. Showing her strength, Fen works with the police to try to catch the bad guys.

Kieran was Fen’s best friend, with a soul connection between them that has never been broken, only stretched. Arriving back in Wongan Creek and taking a job at Fen’s vineyard, their emotional connection is like a magnet drawing them together. Both have issues to deal with, pretty difficult ones, especially since Kieran now has a 4 year old son, Liam to think of. Liam is a gorgeous little character, recovering from his own trauma, your heart will go out to this broken little boy, who Kieran hopes will heal in the only place he’s ever really called home, surrounded by friends and a community that had his back when he was younger.

Lucky the bearded dragon, a rescue pet of Fen’s plays an important role in this story too, another interesting character.

This is a story about second chances, but also a story about love, forgiveness and trust.

Juanita has written a story that highlights and deals with past traumas and memories, ones remembered and ones repressed and how they can follow us through our lives, affecting the things that are most important to us. Fen has some serious trauma and repressed memories that she is going to have to face if she wants to be free and whole. She is lucky, she has an amazing support system in her adopted mother Liv, a beautiful person, and in Kieran who won’t let her deal with things by herself. Many people dealing with things like Fen is dealing with, don’t have that support network available to them.

There is plenty of suspense, criminal activity and threats happening in this story and plenty of twists, something Juanita is very good at putting into her stories. There is also plenty of heart, from the community who are there to support each other, and Harry who pops in with his little pearls of knowing, and Riggs, the town policeman does another great job of trying to get to the bottom of things, as well as keep Fen and her family safe.

I found it hard to put this book down and if it hadn’t been for having to sleep before work, I’d have read to whole thing in one sitting. I loved the characters in this story and I know Fen and Kieran will get their HEA.

Thanks to NetGalley and Escape Publishing for a digital copy in return for an honest review. 

Releases 4th March

Amazon AU

Amazon US


Book Review: Whispers at Wongan Creek by Juanita Kees

When I heard Juanita Kees had a new book coming out in the Wongan Creek series, I thought I’d better get my act together and read the first book which I bought way back in 2016. Such is my addiction to buying great books, that it often takes me forever to get around to reading some of them.

IMG_20190212_004307This is another book that I really wish I’d read sooner, that being said, I’m extremely glad I’ve finally gotten around to it because it was a really great read and I’m looking forward to reading book 2 Secrets at Wongan Creek and the new release next month, Shadows over Wongan Creek

In a category of rural romantic suspense, this book was full of heart, interesting characters, community, secrets and a couple of unsavoury characters. At the heart of the story are Travis and his niece Casey (who’s absolutely adorable) who have both suffered a great loss and are working hard to prove to the powers that be that they should remain together as a family. Travis is a gorgeous guy (I’d love a Travis of my own) and a great uncle and has a huge heart for the people in the community.

Recently new in town is Heather Penney from social services whose job it is to assess whether Travis is fit to be Casey’s guardian. The sexual tension between the two makes doing Heather’s job and her resolve to remain professional much harder. They both try to resist, knowing crossing the line could be detrimental to Travis’ cause.

Then we have Harry, a fabulously lively character, who is suffering from Alzheimers. Harry is Travis’ neighbour and pretty much part of the family, that being said, Travis has taken on the responsibility of looking out for Harry and helping him out in his day to day tasks and in his bid to try to keep his land. This is a really lovely relationship and really shows us what communities can be like in supporting the people around them. We need more of this kind of support, not just in small towns, but in the city too, where so many people get left to fend for themselves.

All the characters we meet in Wongan creek, except for the Bannisters, are wonderfully diverse and very community spirited.

There are plenty of secrets to be uncovered in Wongan Creek surrounding Travis’ sisters death, Casey’s father and a truly horrible character Zac. Some of these secrets will help heal, some will cause trouble and there’s a great twist thrown in there too.

A highly enjoyable read that I definitely recommend. 4.5⭐⭐⭐⭐


About the book: Wongan Creek has a second chance at life, but new possibilities unearth long-buried secrets…

Travis Bailey may as well be Wongan Creek. His family has farmed canola for generations, and he sometimes feels like he holds the community together with his bare, dirt-stained hands. Between caring for the farm, his orphaned niece and his elderly, ailing neighbour, he doesn’t have time for himself. He doesn’t have time to fall in love.

Social worker Heather Penney is living on borrowed time. When her mother died of Motor Neurone Disease, she took the initial blood tests and now nothing is guaranteed, let alone a future with a family and a home and a child. Wongan Creek, and its resident protector, might be getting under her skin, but she can’t afford to get attached.

But even as a new mine revitalises the small town, old secrets threaten resurface, and Travis and Heather find themselves fighting to save the farms and the futures of Wongan Creek’s long-time residents—and possibly their own lives.