New Release Book Review: Pass (Shattered Pawns #1) by Jennifer Cody

Pass (Shattered Pawns, #1)I thoroughly enjoyed the Diviner’s Game trilogy, so I was thrilled that this world and its characters continue in a new trilogy.

Pass was a great start to the new series and the three main characters who make up the polyamorous relationship were so sweet together. Tio, a chaos eater, who we were introduced to in the first series gets his own story in this one, it was great getting to know him as a full character and not a background one. In Pass, Tio is super cute, very excitable and a much better being than he believes himself to be. Luca, a detective who was investigating The Hub in the previous trilogy, makes up the second of the partnership, he is only just starting to learn about the magical world that exists alongside the human world, and he’s definitely in for some major surprises. Luca’s roommate Auggie is an absolute sweetheart too, he’s quietly been in love with Luca for a long while (and Luca with him) and I loved seeing these two and Tio become a thruple. Their relationship was very sweet, moved very quickly (when you know you know), had no angst (thank goodness), and Tio’s tentacle arms, well, use your imagination.

The events in this newest novel happen just after the events in the Diviner’s Game trilogy and while Jennifer Cody has done a great job of writing it so it can be a standalone, I personally advise you to read that series first.

War is coming to Houston and Tio is caught up in the middle of it due to his father being the one who is starting it. There are gods, fighting, intrigue and danger for everyone and these guys are going to learn who they really are and what they are capable of when if all hits the fan. There were a few surprises at the end and I am really looking forward to the next book, which can’t come quickly enough because I need to know about the other two couples and what else happens.

I loved revisiting this world and the characters from Diviner’s Game and seeing how things are playing out with them all. Tio and his brother Qi finally meet Deejay properly and I loved that relationship. I love all the relationships and all the characters, except for the bad guys, roll on book #2.