New Release Book Review: Can’t Help Falling in Love with an Alien by Chloe Archer

Can’t Help Falling in Love with an Alien (book 2 Tentacular Tales) was just as fun and original as book 1 It’s Not Unusual to be Loved by an Alien and book 1.5 A Very Tentacular Christmas, you really do need to have read at least book 1 before reading book 2 because the story continues on seamlessly.

Once again this book had so much humour that I was constantly grinning at something our main characters were doing or saying, especially River, well mostly River in fact, but Kai is coming a close second as River’s influence is loosening him up big time. River is adorable and just as everyone (alien) he meets in the novel loves him, I loved him too. He seemed even more over-the-top in this novel and is doing so well putting his stamp upon Team ANAL as he has named the Alliance of Neutral Alien Lifeforms and has come up with a plan to help aliens feel happier and participate in daily life now they are living on earth, this he has named Operation Rehoming Alien’s Lovingly, in other words, Team ANAL’s new ORAL mission lol.

There is so much going on in Can’t Help Falling in Love with an Alien, River is trying to come to grips with the news he found out at the end of book 1 (I don’t want to spoil it for people who haven’t read it yet), an assassin is very likely after him, he’s setting up ORAL, his relationship with his tentacled boyfriend Kai is zooming along and growing stronger by the minute, Kai’s brother is still smitten by an oblivious uncle Benji, they are still tracking down the illegal drug issue and Kai’s ex has shown up and is causing issues.

All of the characters that make up Team ANAL are super supportive of River and Kai and so much fun to spend time with.

Chloe Archer has really come up with a great concept and her explanations and descriptions are so good I can completely imagine what she puts on the page.

I love the continuing snippets of River’s ‘Tentacle porn soap opera’ story and the interchange between Captain Starblade and Lord Vardox along with the fan mail River receives and Kai’s responding correspondence.

Can’t Help Falling in Love with an Alien is nonstop action and humour and I can’t wait for book 3 When a Man Loves an Alien coming later in the year.

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New Release Book Review: It’s Not Unusual to be Loved by an Alien by Chloe Archer

This book was so good and so original, I was lucky enough to get an early copy and then I reread it on kindle unlimited and enjoyed it just as much the second time around. For a novel that is just over 100,000 words, I flew through it in two sittings without once realising it was such a long novel. It flowed really well and I was fully engaged from the start to its HFN cliffhanger-like ending.

This book had so much humour I was constantly grinning at something our main characters were doing or saying, especially River, well mostly River in fact. He was absolutely adorable, a self-proclaimed sci-fi geek who strongly believes aliens are real and gets far more than he bargains for when he and his uncle Benji follow their neighbour who they believe is an alien.

I loved Kai, the very straight-laced alien in charge of keeping aliens on earth safe, and when River shows up at their top secret base his life is thrown into turmoil, but the best kind.

I adored River and his rambling, his humour and his pop culture references. I loved the way he set his sights on Kai and didn’t let Kai’s taciturn behaviour put him off one little bit. Kai has had a bad past experience with dating a human, so initially fights his attraction to River, somethings just can’t be fought though. These two were made for each other. Their relationship though fast timewise is also slow burn and I enjoyed every bit of it.

I thought the cast of side characters was also really great, Uncle Benji and River’s BFF Evan and Kai’s parents Maddox and Ellie and his brother Mal all just made for a wonderful treat. Along with all the crew from the ANAL team.

I also enjoyed the snippets of River’s tentacle porn story he writes and would love at some stage to read the whole thing.

I can’t wait for book 2, I just wish it were December already.

More about #TentacularTales Book 1

A sexy alien living incognito on Earth meets a sci-fi-loving nerd who wants to rock his universe. What could possibly go wrong? Besides the unexpected tentacles and the accidental Mating Courtship Ritual, that is…

It’s Not Unusual to be Loved by an Alien (Tentacular Tales #1) is a (102,000 words) M/M sci-fi rom-com featuring an adorkable twink with unexpected secrets and a slight obsession with extraterrestrials, the reluctant alien he wants to make his boo, tentacles with a mind of their own, zany extraterrestrial shenanigans in Sin City, and enough humour to fill an entire spaceship. This is the first book in the series. There is no cheating, and this book ends with an HFN. Never fear, the series guarantees readers a HEA by the end!

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