Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway: Nothing Special by Casey Cox


by Casey Cox

Release Date: June 27, 2022

Cover Design: Wicked by Design

Genre: M/M Romance
Trope: Best friends to lovers, opposites attract, feel-good, satire


This was a really good best friends to lovers read, these two guys, Benji and Darren were so made to be together.

Both of the MCs had a lot of issues to work through to become their best selves; body image, self-esteem issues, self-worth, and mental health issues. After a 10-year friendship that could have been much more,

Darren has returned home from LA after his dream of becoming an actor is crushed, dealing with his feelings of not being enough and his long-held love for his best friend, when Benji needs help with writing his latest novel, Darren comes up with a plan to not only help him out but to finally make Benji see what has been in front of him the whole time. I really enjoyed the friendship these two shared, I loved the humour between them, the way they could laugh and communicate about nearly everything and that they really did have each other’s backs, it wasn’t just an empty promise.

Darren’s plan Operation BF2L (best friends to lovers) to help Benji with his novel, was such a lovely way to allow them both to open up and learn things about each other, to get Benji to see him in a different light. I enjoyed their walks and their chats about everything and anything.

At times my heart broke for the different things Benji and Darren were going through, but their friendship saw them through it all. I thought that the moments Darren’s dad opened up to him were really lovely and I think it’s a shame more parents don’t open up to their children in that way.

The RED’s were a fun bunch of older people who live in their building and they made for some amusing scenes, especially the first yoga scene when Benji is completely oblivious.

I really enjoyed this heartfelt novel which both tugged at the heartstrings and made me laugh and smile and believe in true love and HEA’s, just like a romance book should.


They don’t write romance novels about guys like me…

Trust me, I know. Crafting swoon-worthy happily ever afters is literally my day job. Being a quirky introvert with an overactive imagination, underwhelming social skills, and a few pounds overweight, I’m no leading man.

My best friend, though? He’s total cover model, call the plumber because I just flooded my basement material. He’s also outgoing, charismatic, free-spirited, and basically the best guy ever.

I may know romance, but I’m no dummy when it comes to reality. I’m nothing special. And the truth is, a guy like Darren would never fall for someone like me.

I’m the poster child for failure to launch. Twenty-seven, didn’t make it in Hollywood, forced to slump my sorry self back home to Australia with my tail in between my legs.

The only bright spot in my life is nabbing the apartment next door to my best friend, Benji. He’s like no one I’ve ever met. Genuine. Sensitive. Nurturing. A talented author. An amazing cook. So freaking handsome. And yeah…I am so stupidly in love with him it’s not even funny.

When Benji needs some inspiration to clear his writer’s block, I gladly help out. He wants to write a friends-to-lovers romance, and hello, I’m his best friend. This should be a cinch. It’s not as if he’s suddenly going to fall in love with me. I’m nothing special. And the fact is, a guy like Benji could do so much better than someone like me.

Nothing Special is a stand-alone best-friends-to-lovers MM romance with two lovable (yet totally clueless) besties, gray yoga pants hotness, sweet midnight walks, an apartment block filled with nosy neighbors, and one swoonariffic (and oh so special) happily ever after!

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About the Author

Casey Cox is an Australian MM romance author whose work includes the hugely popular VET SHOP BOYS series.

Casey loves spending time at the beach and is the proud paw-rent to two utterly adorable French Bulldogs – Ralphie and Lilly.

Connect with Casey


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Audiobook Blog Tour: Giveaway, Excerpt & Review: Ice Devils by Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood

Ice Devils (Bethesda Barracudas Hockey, Book 5)

By Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood

Narrated by Nick J. Russo

Version: Unabridged Audio – Length: 6 hours 31 minutes

Whispersync – Voice Enabled

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex – Pairing: Male/Male

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Gay Romance, Sports Romance

Tropes: Hockey, Jock/Jock, Enemies-to-Lovers, Closeted MC, Teammates, Low-angst, Out-for-You,


I have enjoyed each of the books in the Bethesda Barracuda’s Hockey series and Ice Devils is no exception. An enemies to lovers story, except these guys, Mark Sakamoto and Blake Conti aren’t truly enemies, though they do at first appear to hate each other. But as they say, there is a fine line between love and hate, there’s also a fine line between scared and brave, and Mark is scared of how Blake makes him feel and not brave enough to do something about it, hence the animosity between them.

The snark between Mark and Blake is full-on to start with, but when one of them comes across the other playing a prank things start to change. OMG these two and their pranks had me in stitches, I couldn’t stop laughing, at times barely able to breathe just imagining the chaos ensuing. Yes, they were childish, but they were so funny, and gained them the name Ice Devils, though no one is entirely sure who is behind everything to start with. One prank involving sticky tape just about had me dying from laughing so much.

I really loved that these two tried to take their time to get to know each other properly before jumping straight into bed, but when they did the chemistry was hot. I liked that for the most part they communicated well and both listened to what the other had to say, the one time conclusions were drawn and things nearly fell apart was resolved fairly quickly which was good, because I’m a low angst reader and hate misunderstandings being dragged out when talking and listening would fix the problem.

I enjoyed catching up with the rest of the guys from the Barracudas and their partners, I enjoy seeing the side characters and how they are getting along down the track.

Mark and Blake made a great couple, their relationship involved some risks, but then, anything good is worth taking a chance on and these two didn’t disappoint.

Skating the line between love and hate.

When winger Blake Conti signs with the national champion Bethesda Barracudas, he isn’t looking to get involved with anyone. Still bruised from an old relationship, his focus is on playing hockey. But when one of his new teammates turns out to be the hottest man he’s ever met, Blake wonders if he should reconsider his aversion to romance.

Mark Sakamoto—Sako—one of the Barracudas’ rising young stars, is immediately smitten with Blake. Deeply closeted because he fears revealing his sexuality to his family, Sako resists his attraction by using scorn and insults to push Blake away. Hurt by Sako’s behaviour, Blake reacts in kind, and the two men are soon at war.

Just as their fighting threatens to disrupt the team, the unexpected happens, and Sako and Blake bond over a silly prank. Their newfound camaraderie soon develops into a relationship, and the men become inseparable. With “ice in public, heat in private” as their motto, they keep things secret, but as they fall for each other, Sako knows he has to tell his family the truth. He dreads their reaction, but it’s the only way he and Blake can live happily ever after.

Ice Devils is a low-angst, enemies-to-lovers romance featuring scorching athletes, light-hearted comedy, riveting hockey, sweet-steamy romance, and a beautiful HEA.


We won the game 5– 3, a triumph because we hadn’t beaten Seattle for more than a year. Our victory playlist was already blasting through the speakers when we reached the locker room, and we took time to savour the win. The guys made a big deal about my goal, which put a huge grin on my face. I’d signed with the Barracudas the previous summer as a free agent, and tonight’s was certainly my most impressive goal of the season.

A reporter asked for an interview, and when we finished, I turned to go to my stall. Sako stood in my way with his arms crossed over his chest and a scowl on his face. “Good goal,” he mumbled. Sounds of celebration filled the background while an awkward moment ticked by. “Score a few more like that, and you might convince me you know how to play hockey.”

“Get real. I hope you were watching. You might up your game to a professional level.”

He dropped his arms and stepped forward, too close for comfort, causing me to move back. I’ll be damned if he didn’t inch nearer until we were nose-to-nose. A shudder ran up my spine as his musk surrounded me.

“Oh yeah?” He curled his lips into the half-grin, half-sneer that had taunted me all year. “Conti, I played better than you when I was in juniors.”

While I tried in vain to come up with a smart retort, he called Nick’s name and walked away.

Bitterness washed over me as I wondered again why he hated me so much. I’d never had trouble getting along with people, but arrogant Sakoshit had taken an instant dislike to me the minute we met. Somehow, he knew exactly how to push my buttons. It didn’t take me long to figure out how to push his too, and our interactions quickly disintegrated into a series of snarky comments, glowers, and petty arguments. We both gave as good as we got, and I came to enjoy pissing him off. If he was going to be an asshole, it seemed like I was determined to be a bigger one.

ICE DEVILS. Copyright © 2022 Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood. All rights reserved.


(Runs 5/31 – 6/13)

Buy Links: iTunes / Audible US / Audible UK / Amazon Audio Universal / Amazon Audio US / Amazon BOOK Universal / Goodreads

About the Authors:

Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood met in law school and were married in 2017. They live in a suburb of Washington, DC, and share their home with a big, cuddly German shepherd. Ryan and Josh love to travel, and hockey is practically a religion in their house. Ryan also enjoys swimming, and Josh likes to putter in the garden whenever he can. They began writing to celebrate the romance they were so lucky to find with each other, and the sharing soon developed into a passion for telling stories about love between out and proud men.

You can contact Ryan and Josh through their website

Social Media Links

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Website / Instagram / Twitter / TikTok

Blog Tour: New Release Book Review: Wicked Flame by Ella Frank


Wicked Flame is book 2 about MCs Ryan and Jameson in a 4 book series. Wicked Flame is a spin-off series from a couple of Ella Frank’s other series, I’ve met several of the characters before and now want to go back and meet the ones in the books I’ve missed. I really enjoyed Wicked Heat (book 1) but Wicked Flame blew me away, I loved it, it built on so well to Wicked Heat and took these two characters so much further in their relationship and their personal growth, especially Jameson who was so closed down in book 1 and only just starting to open up to the possibility of love and romance for himself.

Ryan couldn’t be more perfect for Jameson, he’s caring, considerate, does his best to support him in whatever way he can and tries hard to see things from Jameson’s point of view even when he doesn’t understand. And Jameson was just as perfect for Ryan, he just needed to see that that was the case.

Jameson’s sister has a bigger role in this novel and I liked the way that Jameson through being with Ryan, was able to see that he needed to stop trying to save her and that he had managed to pull himself out of the life he started in and make something of himself, it was her choice not to. In this too, he finally saw how far he had come and that he was worthy of being with Ryan.

The chemistry between them is once again hot and I enjoyed every minute of their interactions both inside and outside the bedroom.

The ending was just perfect and left me with a smile on my face and the knowledge that these two are made for each other.

Thanks to the author and SocialButterfly PR for a digital copy of this book in return for an honest review.

About the book

He’s ready to steal his heart and never give it back.

Wicked Flame, a sizzling MM romance and the hot conclusion to the Chicago Heat Duet from USA Today bestselling author Ella Frank, is out now!


Life is hard. I learned that at an early age growing up on the South Side of Chicago. I accepted it, even came to expect it. With a sister who was a constant source of worry, and a track record of losing anyone even remotely close to me, trouble seemed to follow me no matter where I turned.

Some people were born lucky. I was just born.

That’s what I used to believe, anyway, until GQ. The gorgeous guy in the fancy clothes who for some reason decided to look twice at me. He gave me a place to call my own, a space to feel safe, and he made me believe in the impossible—that love was more than just a four-letter word.


Life is unexpected. I learned that just recently when I walked into a bar on the South Side and found the love of my life—Jameson Clarke.

He’s everything I’ve always wanted, and yet somehow even better than I imagined. He’s brave, brash, protective of those he loves, and under all that bravado is a vulnerability that calls to my very soul.

Jameson’s a storm cloud, but he thinks I’m the sun. If that’s true, then I’m determined to break through the shadows of his past and steal his heart the way he’s stolen mine.

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About Ella Frank

Ella Frank is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Temptation series, including Try, Take, and Trust and is the co-author of the fan-favourite erotic serial, Sex Addict. Her Exquisite series has been praised as “scorching hot!” and “enticingly sexy!”

A life-long fan of the romance genre, Ella writes contemporary and erotic fiction.

Some of her favourite authors include Tiffany Reisz, Kresley Cole, Riley Hart, J.R. Ward, Erika Wilde, Gena Showalter, and Carly Philips.

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Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway: Irresponsible Puckboy by Eden Finley & Saxon James

A person lying on a bed

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Puckboys – Book Two

by Eden Finley & Saxon James

Release Date: May 11, 2022Cover Design: Story Styling Cover Designs
Photographer: Michelle Lancaster
Model: Lochie Carey
Genre: M/M Sports Romance
Trope: Best friends to lovers, bi-awakening


I enjoyed this second book in the Puckboys series, I liked both main characters, but at times I felt so sorry for Tripp, hiding his feelings for Dex the way he had to, and Dex being so utterly unaware of how much his best friend was struggling, mind you I felt sorry for Dex when he couldn’t understand why Tripp was pulling away and needing his own space.

When one of Dex’s ‘bright ideas’ ends up causing all sorts of issues, both between Tripp and Dex and in their careers and with their families, it could make or break their friendship.

It would be tough to be in love with your best friend and know there is no way anything could happen because they are into the opposite sex. That Tripp has managed to navigate their friendship as well as he has, especially with Dex being so touchy-feely all the time showed just how much importance he put on their friendship. I felt terrible for both Tripp and Dex the way Tripp’s friends carried on about how close they were, and how they treated Dex when Tripp invited him away with them, I thought it was pretty unfeeling of them on several counts. I would have liked to see Tripp stand up to them and not go along with their plan to keep them apart.

I enjoyed the way these two started to explore a more intimate relationship with each other and loved how eager Dex was to make a go of things once he realises his feelings. I thought they could have communicated a bit better so they were both on the same page, but I guess there has to be some tension and something to resolve, as much as I love things to be smooth sailing all the way, I know it isn’t always like that and really, the angst around this is very low.

I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.



The worst part of being in love with my straight best friend is the fact he’s too oblivious to see it.
Years of pining have left me exhausted, and I need a break from Dex. I need space to get over my feelings. But when his relationship falls apart and he turns to me for comfort, I cave immediately.
If there’s one thing I hate more than being hurt, it’s seeing Dex struggle. I can’t leave him in a time of need, even if my friends say it’s my biggest downfall.
They say Dexter Mitchale is my weakness, but if that’s true, I don’t want to be strong.


I’ve always been the dumb one. It’s what I’m known for, and usually I don’t let it get to me.
I have hockey, and I have my best friend, Tripp. What more do I need?
To settle down? No thank you. Marriage? Hard pass.
According to ex-girlfriends, that makes me “irresponsible.”
But the solution I come up with to get over my fear of commitment might be my dumbest idea yet. Not only does it have team management breathing down my neck, but it puts a strain on my friendship with Tripp.
This PR nightmare could lose me the only person I’ve ever loved.
Losing girlfriends is nothing. Losing Tripp? It’s not an option.
I’ll do whatever it takes to keep him.

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Puckboys – Book One

Available Now

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About the Author

Eden Finley is an Amazon bestselling author who writes steamy contemporary romances that are full of snark and light-hearted fluff.

She doesn’t take anything too seriously and lives to create an escape from real life for her readers. The ideas always begin with a wackadoodle premise, and she does her best to turn them into romances with heart.

With a short attention span that rivals her son’s, she writes multiple different pairings: MM, MMF, and MF.

She’s also an Australian girl and apologises for her Australianisms that sometimes don’t make sense to anyone else.

Connect with Eden


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About the Author

Saxon James unapologetically writes happy endings for LGBT+ characters.

While not writing, SM is a readaholic and Netflix addict who regularly lives on a sustainable diet of chocolate and coffee.

Member of SCBWI.

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Blog Tour: Excerpt & Review: Infinite Bond by L.Rose

This novel had me up all night, my just one more chapter became nearly 90% of the novel with only hours before I had to get up for work, I managed to put it down, albeit reluctantly.

I am a fan of L. Rose’s Paranormal works and this one completely pulled me into the world she has built, full of magic and supernatural beings, power-hungry bad guys and wonderful main characters.

When we meet Micah he has no knowledge of the supernatural beings that are all around him, he is a young guy with little self-esteem who is struggling to make ends meet whilst paying for his deadbeat mother’s gambling addiction. I liked Micah straight away and grew to love him throughout the novel. A genuine person who wants to make something of himself, but just hasn’t had the opportunity. When he suddenly finds himself with powers he never knew existed, he is thrown headfirst into a completely new world full of beings he thought were only things of myths and legend.

His roommates Cade, Zeke and Hyde all have very different reactions to him as their world is turned upside down by their need to protect him and eventually make him theirs. I adored these guys, even Cade who makes things very difficult for Micah to start with. I loved exploring the connection these four had and loved how each character changed and grew as their relationships with each other did. As Micah gets to know his roommates, he starts to come into his own and starts slowly at first to believe in himself, as he comes into his powers, the extent of them is mindblowing to all those around him.

Micah’s one and only friend, Tanika is the one to help introduce him to his new life, she was a great friend, most of the time, but there were times she annoyed the hell out of me. Luckily she turned out to be a true friend, and we all need one of those, but Micah did especially.

This is a book I’ll be reading again, I enjoyed it that much. A great MMMM romance with plenty of romance, sex, excitement & danger.

About the book

With three hearts to worry about, as well as my own, time will tell if I’m up for the task.

Infinite Bond, an all-new magical M/M/M/M paranormal romance from bestselling author L. Rose is available now!

With three hearts to worry about, as well as my own, time will tell if I’m up for the task.

I’ve always been normal. Okay, maybe more of an average guy, who’s quiet and awkward. Just someone who’s trying to survive living in my trailer while dodging my mom’s debt collectors.

Everything changes when a power within me surfaces, and my eyes are thrown wide open.

Humans aren’t the only ones who walk the earth.

Read that again, but slowly. I know. I can hardly believe it either.

There’s more. With my newfound power, I’m expected to attend a college to learn how to use my slightly terrifying and temperamental telekinetic ability, a power I apparently should have received when I was a kid, not at twenty-one.

Throw in my new roommates and my brain threatens to overload while my heart can’t figure out who or what it wants. All my traitorous heart is sure of is that it’s greedy and beats far too fast when any of the three not-completely-human men are around.

Not that my wanting will do me any good. There’s Cade who hates me, Zeke who’s super nice and understanding but way out of my league, and Hyde who’s as scary as he is quiet.

I have no idea if I’ll survive the changes, but I really want to. Just wait and see for yourself. As soon as you meet these guys, you’ll understand and see our undeniable connection. Just be warned, nothing but death will stop me protecting my hearts.

Download your copy today! Amazon Amazon Worldwide Apple Books Nook Kobo

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Reaching down, I picked up the bag and noticed the duffle on the floor, so I grabbed it as well. The weight of both had me stumble a little to the side. My face heated. Maybe it would be best to run for my room and hide in there until Sebastian pried me away for classes.

Groaning inwardly, I flicked my gaze to Zeke, who stood there with his arms crossed over his broad chest, smirking.

“Are you shy?”

My pulse raced, my stomach churned, and I wanted to… God, hide once again. “Yes.” I nodded. “And, um, awkward around meeting people.”


Why did I say that?

My blush deepened and I was close to throwing up.

“Got it. Look, I’m going to give it to you straight.”

Now I wanted to pee.


“Cade is an asshole. Hyde is…. Well, he’s a dick sometimes too. Don’t let their attitudes get you down. You’ll get used to them.”

In other words, I would have to deal with more bullies. Great.

Grazing my bottom lip with my top teeth, I nodded. What else could I say to that? There wasn’t anything. What I wanted to do was curl into an emotional ball and rock back and forth over the daunting situation I was now in. My stomach rumbled and twisted. At least Zeke couldn’t see my shaky hands since I was holding both bags tightly.

“Hey” was said softly, but I still jolted at the closeness of his voice. My eyes snagged on his feet in front of me first before they traveled up his long legs to his chest. A shiver raked over me when Zeke cupped one side of my neck. “It’s not all bad here. Promise.”

I nodded again, not convinced my voice would work from the feel of his warm hand on my skin.

Why was I reacting to his close proximity? Why did my heart beat faster than it had in fright? Why did I have the urge to hug him?

It was crazy. No, beyond that. But I couldn’t get my mind to work to find the word I was looking for.

“Get some sleep. I’m sure you’re wrecked from the night.”

With another nod, which he chuckled at, Zeke pulled his hand away. I watched him through the curtain of my fringe as he walked to the kitchenette. Before I could make a fool of myself again, I raced to my door and turned the handle. I walked into the door when it didn’t open, smacking into it hard.

My face burned, the blush spreading down my neck when I heard a low chuckle. I gripped the handle and got the door open on my second attempt. I didn’t look back, even when I wanted to. Closing it, I dropped the bags to the floor. My back hit the door, and I slid to the ground, wrapping my arms around my knees and burying my forehead against them.

Dread filled me, thinking about what tomorrow would bring.

How was I going to live through everything without combusting into a nervous pile of goo?

Not for the first time, I wished I had a bigger pair of balls.

About L. Rose

Bestselling author, Lila Rose, writing as L. Rose to bring you a brand-spanking-new reverse harem paranormal romance series. You’ll laugh, maybe cry, and hopefully enjoy feisty Paige and her annoyingly hot men.

Connect with L. Rose Amazon Goodreads Website

Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: Frat Wars: Masters of Mayhem by Saxon James


by Saxon James

Release Date: March 23, 2022
Cover Design: Story Styling Cover Designs
Genre: M/M College romance
Trope: Friends to lovers, double bi-awakening, opposites attract


I really enjoyed Robbie and Brandon’s story, there was a great deal of humour throughout and I loved the interactions between these two.

I enjoyed this more than book one, possibly because there were fewer pranks and there seemed to be more connection between these guys, probably because they were already friends. I also liked that Robbie was secure in his quest to explore his sexuality and was just, it is what it is, no need for drama. That Robbie wanted to explore this with one of his Frat brothers was sweet and understandable in that he felt safe with these guys and was secure he wouldn’t be judged. I thought the way that Brandon and Robbie decided to dive into the experiment after two very hot kisses was sweet too and the fact they were able to communicate, for the most part how they were feeling about it all was a bonus. I’m never a fan of miscommunication or lack of communication being used to create unnecessary drama, and in this novel, there was none of that.

I liked catching up with Chad and Bailey from book #1 Frat Wars: King of Thieves and seeing that they are going strong.

I will still never completely get the whole fraternity scene, but I am enjoying this series and am looking forward to book 3 because there are definite hints along the way about two of the characters and I’m hoping I’m on the right track.

To read an excerpt click here


Bro big or bro home.


As social chair of Sigma Beta Psi, I’m the life of the party. It’s what I’m known for, and if it’s not fun, I’m not interested, simple as that.
I’m not someone who overthinks.
So when one of my brothers hooks up with a dude from another frat house, it catches me off guard when I can’t stop thinking about them … together.
There’s only one way for me to get this obsession out of my head and that’s by jumping in with both feet and putting it into practice.
The problem is, the one guy who’s up for the ride, is the last one I’d expect.


Being risk manager of a frat house is nobody’s idea of a good time. My brothers get annoyed when I put a damper on their plans, and wrangling drunken frat brothers isn’t how I pictured my Saturday nights of senior year.
I’m bored.
In a rut.
Study, frat duties, planning for the future.
When is it my turn to let loose for a moment?
So when my dumb-as-bricks frat bro is scoping out the house for a little experimenting fun, I throw out the offer like it isn’t the most nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever considered.
I never imagined I’d actually enjoy it.

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Frat Wars – Book One

Available Now


About the Author

Saxon James unapologetically writes happy endings for LGBT+ characters.
While not writing, SM is a readaholic and Netflix addict who regularly lives on a sustainable diet of chocolate and coffee.
Member of SCBWI.

Connect with Saxon

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      Goodreads Author Page         Twitter       Instagram

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Audiobook Promo Tour: Excerpt & Giveaway: Fire in the Ice by Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood

Fire in the Ice By Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood

Narrated by Nick J. Russo Publisher: Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood

Release Date: 3/14/2022 Length: 8 hours 19 minutes Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male Genre: Romance, Contemporary Gay Romance, Sports Romance Tropes: Hockey, Jock/Jock, Teammates, Second Chances, Friends-to-Lovers

What if love threatened to destroy everything you’d worked for?

Hockey right winger Tyler Jensen isn’t thrilled to get the news he’s been traded to the Bethesda Barracudas. The team may be red-hot in the rankings, but there’s someone there he’d rather not have to see every day.

Defenseman Kevin Moore is one of the top-rated rookies in the country. He’s living the dream playing for the Barracudas—until he hears that his old high-school crush Tyler is joining the team. Ty was once everything Kev wanted, but their age difference got in the way. Tyler decided a three-year gap was too much and left Kevin behind.

In Bethesda, Tyler doesn’t take long to notice that Kevin has grown up into precisely the kind of man he can’t resist—brawny, brainy, and beautiful. Kev feels the pull too, and as the men become closer, they work hard to keep their budding relationship secret. Professional hockey may be welcoming gay players now, but Ty and Kev aren’t sure management would like the idea of two Barracudas taking teamwork to an entirely new level.

As the playoffs loom, news of their romance gets out. Ty and Kev, caught in a storm of controversy that threatens to destroy them, need a power play to save their careers. How will they find one before it’s too late?

Fire in the Ice delivers on the promise that second chances can work and dreams can come true. If you like exciting hockey, plenty of humour, a beautiful HEA, new adults, young athletes, and enough heat to burn down the house, this book is for you.

Audio Amazon Universal / Audio Amazon US / Audible US / Audible UK / Goodreads


“Want some snacks?” I asked. “Got to have snacks with a movie.”

“Wonder what they have?”

We found the room service menu but decided we were still too full from dinner to order appetizers.

Ty called downstairs. “Any chance you could bring us some popcorn and candy?”

“And sodas,” I added. “Tell them to bring sodas.”

They delivered our order quickly, and we set up camp on my bed. Instead of watching a current release, we chose the old movie Revenge of the Nerds. Room service had brought an enormous bowl of popcorn, and our hands brushed repeatedly as we dipped in for more. We sat close together, and Tyler’s heat radiated off him. After finishing the snacks, we lay down. We weren’t touching, but just as our hands had found each other in the popcorn bowl, our legs, arms, and hips made frequent contact as we shifted around.

I eventually tired of the movie and decided some conversation would be good. “How are you liking the Barracudas?”

“A lot more than I expected to. The guys are all great, and we’ve clicked as a team. It’s almost like Birky and I have been playing with you all year.”

“I agree.” I found the TV remote, turned down the volume, and then stretched. My arm bumped into Tyler’s, and not feeling like moving it, I left it there. “You’ve been playing really well since you got to Bethesda.”

He pressed his arm against mine. “Think it has much to do with you, Nick, and me playing together before?”

“I’m sure that’s a factor. We were good in prep school. We’ve all improved our skills since then, but we’re still the same people.”

He turned on his side toward me, his knee bumping my leg in the process. “We were good friends in prep school, but we can be even better now as something else.” He moved his arm and traced a finger against the side of my hand. “I like you a lot, Kev. I always did, but things weren’t right for us a few years ago. Nicky and I were breaking up, and you were just coming out of kidhood.”

I snickered. “Kidhood? Is that a word?”

“Is now.”

“I’m not a kid anymore.”

“Believe me, I’ve noticed.”

Things went quiet. The movie droned softly in the background, and just as I was trying to think of something to say, Tyler took my hand. I loved the warmth of his skin and the way our workout calluses scraped against each other. I didn’t even consider pulling away; Tyler Jensen wanted to hold my hand, and I liked it.

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About the Authors:

Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood met in law school and were married in 2017. They live in a suburb of Washington, DC and share their home with a big, cuddly German shepherd. Ryan and Josh enjoy travel, friends, and advocating for causes dear to their hearts. Ryan also loves to swim, and Josh likes to putter in the garden whenever he can. The romance they were so lucky to find with each other inspires their stories about love between out and proud men.

You can contact them through their website.

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Blog Tour – Review & Excerpt: Sapphire Sunset by C. Travis Rice

Will saving Sapphire Cove help forge the union they crave, or will it drive them
apart once more?

Sapphire Sunset, an all new emotional and captivating MM romance from
New York Times bestselling author Christopher Rice writing as C. Travis
Rice, is available now!

For the first time, New York Times bestselling author Christopher Rice writes as C.
Travis Rice. Under his new pen name, Rice offers tales of passion, intrigue, and steamy
romance between men. The first novel, SAPPHIRE SUNSET, transports you to a
beautiful luxury resort on the sparkling Southern California coast where strong-willed
heroes release the shame that blocks their heart’s desires.

Logan Murdoch is a fighter, a survivor, and a provider. When he leaves a distinguished
career in the Marine Corps to work security at a luxury beachfront resort, he’s got one
objective: pay his father’s mounting medical bills. That means Connor Harcourt, the
irresistibly handsome scion of the wealthy family that owns Sapphire Cove, is strictly off
limits, despite his sassy swagger and beautiful blue eyes. Logan’s life is all about
sacrifices; Connor is privilege personified. But temptation is a beast that demands to be
fed, and a furtive kiss ignites instant passion, forcing Logan to slam the brakes. Hard.

Haunted by their frustrated attraction, the two men find themselves hurled back together
when a headline-making scandal threatens to ruin the resort they both love. This time,
there’s no easy escape from the magnetic pull of their white hot desire. Will saving
Sapphire Cove help forge the union they crave, or will it drive them apart once more?

Fall in love with Logan and Connor today!
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My Review

What a great introduction to both this author and this series. I adored both of the MCs, Connor and Logan.

When these two meet the attraction is instant, when Logan shuts down anything happening with Connor I was holding back tears for them both, but I could really feel Connor’s hurt and my heart hurt for him, he’d put himself out there and got kicked to the kerb.

When it comes time for them to meet again 5 years down the track, I was reading with my fingers crossed the whole time. Two people from such different backgrounds, but who after 5 years had not let go of the connection they shared for that one night, and who were still instantly aware of each other, I could only hope that as things spiralled back and forward and as the dramas around Sapphire Cove unfolded and played out, that Connor and Logan could manage to create something wonderful between them. While both Logan and Connor came from different backgrounds, both carried their own baggage given to them by their families, in learning to love each other, they both needed to look at their pasts and put down the baggage and see it for what it is.

While the romance and chemistry between Connor and Logan were wonderful, the villains in the story were anything but. Connor’s uncle, Rodney, who from the get-go was an awful person and a wronged widow looking for someone to blame, these characters showed how easy it is to destroy people’s lives and businesses through blackmail and the power of social media.

There was plenty going on throughout this novel and there wasn’t a moment where I felt I was bored at all, I couldn’t stop reading, needing to know what was going to happen next and whether they were going to be able to pull both the hotel and their relationship out of the fire.

I am really looking forward to the next book in the Sapphire Cove series.


“Wow.” Logan’s voice echoed through the rocky chamber.
Here, the sounds of the ocean surf softened into something that was more like a
gurgling brook. What whitecaps the cave’s mouth captured were filtered down into
something frothy and inviting amidst the labyrinth of low rocks within. The basic security
lights at foot level threw a soft golden light across the metal struts that secured the rock
ceiling overhead.
“I used to come here all the time as a kid with my friends,” Connor said nervously.
“There’re all kinds of caverns back here we used to play and hide in before my mom
found out and busted us. She still has no idea they don’t go that deep. She still thinks
you could get lost in here. But I’ve got an excellent sense of direction.”
“Do you?”
“Yeah, I usually know where things are headed.”
“Makes sense, I guess. Your life’s kinda laid out for you, right? You’ll probably run this
place someday, right? Heir apparent and all that.”
“Oh, God. Do they still call me the prince?” Connor turned, resting his butt against the
guardrail so he could focus on Logan.
“Is that a good thing? Should I be annoyed by that?”
“Better to be the prince than a peasant, I guess,” Logan said.
“Are those really the only two choices?”
Logan laughed, but there was relief in it. As if Connor’s snarky response had shined a
light on possibilities he hadn’t seen before now. “I guess not.”
“Whatever. I’ll let it go.”
Silence then, save for the gurgling of the sea pushing its way past them and deeper into
the cave.
Connor rested his elbows on the rail on either side of him, an attempt to look casual
even though the sight of Logan leaning against the cave wall, hands in his pockets,
studying Connor with a half smile made Connor feel welded in place. “All right, your
“My turn for what?” Logan asked.
“I told you mine, and my grandpa’s. What’s your magic moment?”
“Okay.” Logan straightened. “So if I remember correctly, it’s like a moment when you’re
doing something you love and you feel the most satisfied by it. Is that right?”
“Exactly.” Connor was thrilled that Logan had listened so closely.
“Well, my life is kind of starting over, so I’m kind of figuring out what it is I love to do.
Kickboxing’s up there, but that’s more of a fast and furious kind of thing, and the high is
mostly when I’m done. Not sure there’s really a magic hour there. There was some stuff
about the Marines that I loved, especially once I was a staff sergeant and I was in the
zone for gunnery sergeant. But a lot of it was tough, and a lot to hold.”
“I’m sure.”
When Logan started toward him through the shadows, Connor’s breath caught. His feet
felt planted to the boards, and the sides of his face got tingly and hot.
“So if I had to pick,” Logan said, “I’d pick this one.”
“Walking rounds?”
“No. I’d pick the moment when I’m finally all alone with a guy who drives me wild, and I
know we’re about to kiss, but I’m not sure when. So there’s this tension in the air, and I
can feel it. Everywhere.”
They were inches apart now, so close Connor had to look up at him to maintain eye
“And we’re both circling, waiting for the right moment. And I’m trying to take it kinda slow
because I know one little touch”—Logan gently grazed Connor’s cheek with the side of
one finger—“and it might turn into a lot more than a kiss. But first, there’s a promise to
be kept.”
“What promise is that?” Connor asked in a squeaky whisper.
“I believe you promised me a dance.”
“Or you promised me one.”
“Either way, seems like time.”

About C. Travis Rice
C. Travis Rice is the pseudonym New York Times bestselling novelist Christopher Rice devotes to steamy tales of romance between men. Christopher has published multiple bestselling books in multiple genres and been the recipient of a Lambda Literary Award.
With his mother, Anne Rice, he is an executive producer on the AMC Studios adaptations of her novels The Vampire Chronicles and The Lives of the Mayfair Witches. Together with his best friend and producing partner, New York Times bestselling novelist, Eric Shaw Quinn, he runs the production company Dinner Partners.
Among other projects, they produce the podcast and video network, TDPS, which you
can find at

Connect with C. Travis Rice
Connect with Blue Box Press

New Release Book Review & Excerpt: Restored Ruins by G.R Lyons


This turned out to be a fun and original read which pulled at my emotions at times and had me grinning at others. In my first book by G.R Lyons, I enjoyed his writing and I enjoyed the characters and the world he has created in this new paranormal/speculative fiction MMM romance series Gentleman Hackers.

I really liked Connor, a young man who has been rejected all his life, he is of a different race, one who has the gift of telepathy/telekinesis and also the ability to change himself on a genetic level. Connor was a lonely soul who hid behind his computers as a way of protecting himself from more rejection. He also had a fun sassy side to him which comes out after he is kidnapped by Brendan after he finds he has hacked into his webcam.

Brendan was a bit of a conundrum, once a talented pianist, after losing the love of his life Frankie to an accident and then losing his fingers in a drunken state, he has become a hermit all alone except for his staff on an island (in a house I can only dream of). He wasn’t particularly likeable at first, and he beats himself up internally for being attracted to Connor because of the strong feelings he still has for Frankie. Because of this, he didn’t treat Connor very well.

Frankie is both a sad and fun character, he is a ghost and Connor is the first person to truly see him since he passed 3 years ago. I really enjoyed Frankie, he was an emotional character who wanted the best for Brendan but didn’t really want to let him go.

I liked the way things played out once Connor meets Frankie, I enjoyed their escapades and their scheming and I enjoyed the emotional connection between them. I really liked the ending in this short novel, I was hoping it would play out the way it did and I wasn’t disappointed. I look forward to the next book and hope we get to catch up with how these characters are going.


Connor Jenkins is sick of rejection. Now, instead of getting close to anyone, he lives
vicariously through other people’s phones and webcams. Thanks to his skills, he always gets
away with it.
Until he hacks his idol.
Brendan Shyth is haunted by loss. First, the death of his boy. Then the end of his music
career thanks to a grief-induced drunken accident. Fringe science regrew his fingers, but he
still can’t bring himself to play again. Avoiding his fans, the media, and his manager,
Brendan hides in his mansion, determined to be left alone.
Until he finds his webcam on and realizes someone is watching him. Someone other than
the ghost of his dead lover, that is.
Brendan has Connor tracked down and kidnapped, meaning to teach him a lesson. But the
teasing brat gets under his skin in a way that no one has in years.
A boy in need of security. A ghost in need of acceptance. A man in need of faith. With a
career, sanity, and hearts on the line, can these men overcome their fears before it’s too
Restored Ruins is the first book in the Gentleman Hackers series. It features a boy whose hair
colour never stays the same, a daddy who puts him in serious time-out, a ghost desperate to
be seen, and an MMM HEA ending. No pianos were harmed in the writing of this romance
(though they do make good horizontal surfaces).

Tropes: Age gap, second chances, hurt/comfort, found family, celebrity/commoner
Themes: Faith/belief/acceptance (not religious) of self and possibility, love


Had he really been kidnapped?
First of all, rude.
He tried to blink the haze from his vision while he processed this strange, new reality.
Someone had actually managed to catch him.
Well, shit. Well done.
Connor started to sit up, then paused. Two things occurred to him at once. Three things,
actually. One, it was somehow morning already. Two, he was in a bed. With some amazingly
soft sheets, by the way. Damn. He was going to have to figure out what they were made of
and get some for himself.
Not that he could probably afford them, but, hey, a boy could dream.
And, three…
He was naked.
Connor raised an eyebrow. Huh.
He stared up at the ceiling as he took stock of his body. The soft sheets cascaded over his
naked skin, making him hyper-aware of every tiny movement he made. A slow inhale made
the fabric brush teasingly over his nipples, and a slight shift of his leg had the sheets drifting
over his groin. Connor squeezed his legs together. Holy fuck. Much more of that and he
would be a horny mess, though it was already almost too late for that.
Connor paused, wondering if his kidnappers were watching him.
He bit back a moan at the idea, then muttered a curse and shook his head. He had to focus.
Connor drew his arms out from under the sheets. He wasn’t restrained in any way. There
was nothing stopping him from getting out of bed and exploring the room. And he didn’t
feel pain anywhere. Other than where the needle had gone in. That still stung.
Again. Rude.
Connor rubbed the spot and slowly sat up. At least his kidnapper had been kind enough to
keep the ground from punching him in the face. That would not have been fun.
He paused, then probed all over his face with his fingertips, just to be sure.
Nothing hurt there. Connor: one. Ground: zero. Ha! Take that.
Chuckling to himself, he glanced around the room, trying to guess where he might be. It
looked like a normal bedroom—bed, dresser, nightstands, lamps—but way more high-end
than he was used to. Spacious. Elegant. Obviously expensive, but tastefully so. And it didn’t
have the rubber-stamp feel of a hotel room. Connor had seen plenty of those—from casual
hookups with businessmen just passing through town—so he would know.
But this was different. This was custom. Unique. This was someone’s home.
He looked to one side and saw a pair of glass doors leading out to a balcony, the view
obscured by some gauzy curtains. Across from him was an open doorway into a washroom.
Connor blinked. Holy shit. Even from that angle, the washroom looked enormous, and he
was sure he wasn’t even seeing half of it.
On the nightstand beside him was a small computer tablet. When Connor started to reach
for it, the device detected his proximity and illuminated the screen, showing him a home
control panel. There were options for room temperature, dimmed lighting, and blackout
window shades, amongst other things.
Connor smirked. Don’t worry, darling. I’ll play with you later.
He grabbed the sheets, meaning to toss them aside and get out of bed so he could explore
the room more thoroughly, then stopped when he heard the snap of a key in a lock.
Connor spotted the door—fancy double doors, in fact—and watched them slowly open.
He blinked stupidly and almost laughed as a butler appeared in the widening gap. An actual,
real-life butler. White gloves and all.
Before Connor could voice his mirth, though, the butler stepped aside and bowed his head
deferentially, revealing another man who’d been standing behind him.
The second man took a few steps into the room, glaring directly at Connor.
Connor’s jaw dropped.
Holy shit.
Vesad Stromos. Right there. In the flesh.
He’d been kidnapped by Vesad Stromos. Forget just spying on the man through a hacked
webcam. He was actually inside the famous musician’s house.
Day. Fucking. Made!

It is a standalone story and does not end on a cliffhanger. It has a HEA ending.
It is the first book in a new series.
Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited
Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU

About the Author
G.R. Lyons stumbled into writing as a form of trauma recovery when traditional therapy
wasn’t working.
Then the story ideas just kept on coming.
Pulling from a vivid imagination as well as real-life experience as a trans man, a sexual
assault survivor, and a person living with mental illness, Lyons has written multiple,
interconnected series set within his fictional world of the Shifting Isles.
When not writing, Lyons can be found belly dancing around the house, studying anarchocapitalist philosophy, buried in his never-ending TBR pile, or working out at the local
CrossFit gym.

Social Media Links
Blog/Website | Facebook Group | Instagram
Newsletter Sign-up | Pinterest

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Release Blitz: Country by Lila Rose

Title: Country
Series: Diamond MC #1
Author: Lila Rose
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: February 15, 2022


It was so good to catch up with the guys from Diamond MC again, I first met them in the Polished P&P series and fell for them all. I loved getting to know Country (the President of Diamond MC) better and meeting Dusty the club girl who has caught his eye and made his heart catch feelings he wasn’t looking for.

While Dusty comes from a rich background, it was poor in family and emotional support, in being part of the Diamond MC she has found her real family, but she is hiding her feelings about Country believing he isn’t interested in her. meanwhile Country is hiding his feelings believing the same about Dusty.

There is plenty of drama that happens when another club girl decides Dusty isn’t wanted in the club, thieves break into the vet where Dusty works, her parents add extra drama into her life and Dusty’s life is put in danger.

Country doesn’t let anyone mess with his people and he pulls no punches in destroying anyone who has put Dusty in danger.

As well as drama and violence, there’s also humour and heart. I really enjoy Lila Rose’s writing and I’m looking forward to more of this series in the future.


I had her and loved the taste of her.
But she’s too young, too sweet and good.
But I’ll keep her safe, and I want her happy.
Even if my own heart tells me I’m a fool for not making her mine.

Our one night is electric. She left her mark and burned her goodness into my heart.
There’s no room left for anyone else, only her.
I can’t chase her. I have to let her go.
Sure, she’s a club girl and I could have her under me whenever I want, but I can’t do that to her. I refuse to pull her any deeper into the Diamond MC.

When that decision is taken out of my hands and she’s dragged into the darkness, all I see is rage and bloodshed. 
I’ll make them pay. Every single one of them who thought they could steal her away, take her from me.

She’s everything.
And once I have her back, I’ll make sure I never let go.
She’s light and goodness. 
Maybe she’s too good for me, but maybe she’s just what I need to balance my world.
I’ll give her everything and make her mine.
And just maybe she’ll make me hers too.

Warning: this book contains violence, offensive language, and very mature topics. Recommended for age 18 years and up.

Note: Book #1 in the Diamond MC series, though these characters have been seen in the mm Polished P &P series, you don’t have to read them first to read Country.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "FEB15TH 5TH DIAMOND "What do you want, S Dusty? "P-Pardon?" "Tell me what you want, darlin'." I was going to take a leap blew out breath "I'd like to go to bed with you." ountry LILA ROSE"

From the corner of the room, I watched as Country flirted with his new woman of the week, Rochelle. To me, it sounded like she was related to a roach. I hated her even before I met her. Pathetic, right? It wasn’t like I was in love with Country. We’d slept together a couple of times, one before and then after his breakup with a different girl. Isla. Both of us had been a little tipsy each time.
So why can’t you get him off your mind?
Shut up, stupid brain.
I didn’t know why my eyes sought him out whenever I entered the compound. Or why my belly clenched when I caught other club ladies flirting with him, or why my heart turned into a wildly buzzing vibrator whenever he smiled or winked at me. 
All right, I did know, but I wasn’t going to let my little crush stick. 
Not when I could save myself from hurt, since I knew, and I definitely knew, he was a player. He liked younger women, which I was, right along with a heap of other club girls. 
I could have pussy punched myself for joining as a club girl when I didn’t even need to. I didn’t have bad parents. I didn’t have someone to hide from or someone after me, as far as I knew. So why did I join? Because I wanted something different and exciting in my life, and when I’d first applied to become one of the club women in the Diamond MC where I wouldn’t sleep with anyone outside of the club they promised I wouldn’t have to have sex with every member. could pick. That was two years ago, when I was a lot more nervous and shy, and the only member I had slept with was Country. 

Apple Books

Lila was born in Brisbane Australia, her step-dad was in the Army which caused them to move around a lot. They finally settled in country Victoria, Australia. Being the youngest of four children she admits she was spoilt a bit. Even drove her mum crazy when she refused to eat meat at a young age.

Now, Lila lives with her husband and two children.

She started writing in 2013 and self-published the first of the Hawks MC: Ballarat Charter series- Holding Out. Since then, she has published eleven other titles, which range from erotica, humorous romance, YA and paranormal.