New Release Book Review: Come Fly With Me by Felicity Snow

I really enjoyed Felicity Snow’s first full-length novel. A second chance romance between two childhood best friends and former boyfriends, it was really lovely to see Wesley and Cooper reconnect and work through their past and present issues.

It certainly wasn’t smooth sailing to get to their HEA and just like in real life, both needed to put some effort into making things work, face their problems and work through them with professional help in order to build a strong foundation for their future. But the biggest issue for Wesley and Cooper is communication, or lack of, so much of their past drama could have been erased if only they had communicated back then. Wesley had good intentions for doing what he did, but Cooper’s decisions were tied up with childhood issues, ones he needed to recognise before he could deal with them.

We get to uncover their past friendship/relationship and its end through flashbacks told from both POVs, though mainly Coopers. Their teenage love was so sweet, I loved the way they explored everything new between them and learned what they liked and what they didn’t. They certainly knew more about kinks than I knew at their age.

Wesley’s family was great, very supportive of both of them and I loved the way they embraced Cooper and his mum back into their lives so wholeheartedly. Cooper’s mum’s illness was very sad and I don’t think Cooper realised just how strong he was taking on the responsibility of caring for and providing for her during her illness. Cooper’s lack of belief in himself was something I could connect with as I struggle with this too.

I had my fingers crossed the whole read hoping these two would come to their senses and realise they had never stopped loving each other.

Come Fly With Me is now live and available on the author’s payhip website

Get it for the sale price of $3.99 through June 16th

You can check out her unlocked Pinterest storyboard and you can follow her and view it here ☺️

Come Fly With Me is a contemporary mm romance featuring

πŸš— childhood best friends to lovers/enemies to lovers

πŸš— a fake relationship

πŸš— forced proximity

πŸš— size difference

πŸš— only one bed

πŸš— demisexual rep

πŸš— first times

πŸš— mild kink exploration

πŸš— hurt/comfort

πŸš— supportive family and friends

CW: explicit teen sex, including mild kink exploration, lingerie, spanking, light bondage, death of a parent due to cancer, mentions if parental abandonment

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