Release Blitz, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway: The Half Baked Plan By Becca Jackson

Love in No Man’s Land Series, Book 2


Fire took out my business, my apartment and almost my life a few weeks back, and now I’m living in my best friend’s house while I rebuild, and he travels the world. He found his perfect match and now It’s time I found mine.

After years on my own, I want a family, but I have zero hope in finding my match while I’m still completely crushing on the hottest builder in the world, and to make matters worse, he’s now my roommate.

I thought sharing a house with Carter would help me get over him. I’d see why he’s never had a boyfriend, or anyone worth bringing around town. I’d discover all of his faults up close and squash the perfect god-like image I’ve cemented in my mind all these years.

Problem is, no matter what annoying habits I jot down on my list, the more time I spend with him the more I’m convinced Carter is everything I will ever need. Now I just have to figure out a way to tell him.


With Michael traveling the world, it’s just Lucas and me in his house while we rebuild the café, bakery, and apartment. I’m happy for Michael. I really am, but seeing another friend get their happy beginning shines a light again on the fact that I might never get mine.

I’m sick of being everyone’s best friend, yet no one’s boyfriend. I want my happy beginning too. I want someone to pick me. To want me. To love me.

So I do what any single guy would do, I sign up for speed dating. Blind dates suck but I’m never going to find the one if I don’t start putting myself out there.

The problem is, the more time I spend living with Lucas the more I realize, I don’t want any of these random hookups. I want the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. The one who bakes me cookies to make me smile. So now I have to figure out a way to show him I can be an awesome boyfriend. I can be his happy beginning if he will just give me a chance out of the friend zone.

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“Ohh, aren’t you delicious?” The guy wearing deep purple eyeliner preens as I take my seat at table G.

“Ahh, thanks.”

Theo taps the mic, gaining everyone’s attention. “All right, your night starts now. Have fun.”

The app chimes, and the guy across from me immediately starts talking.

“I’m Stuart. Thirty-seven, Capricorn, I’m a stylist and live in the city, but have visited this town a few times. It’s super sweet, I could totally see myself settling somewhere like here. I could open a salon. You obviously work out, so what else do you do besides pumping iron?” He props his head on his hands, tilting it to the side as he waits for my reply.

“I’m Carter. I’m a contractor.”

“Oh, so you’re good with your hands. I knew a big, buff guy like you would be.”

“Thanks. I, umm, live in town, but work all over depending on the job.” Lucas’s warm laugh sounds from somewhere on my left. I turn my head towards the sound, and like being pulled by a magnet, my gaze finds him. He’s sitting across from a man in a suit with slicked-back hair, flawlessly clean-shaven face, and impeccably manicured eyebrows. My jaw tightens.

Really? That guy?

I can’t see his face, but Lucas is smiling, and I hate that this man, whoever he is, is making Lucas smile that way. That’s my smile.

Stuart is talking again, and I’d be lying if I said I had any clue what he was saying. My gaze keeps being drawn back to Lucas.


I enjoyed the Half Baked Plan book 2 in the Love in No Man’s Land series.

After Michael (Mal) and Bobby (Bear) take off travelling at the end of Textual Connections, Carter is living in the attic rooms in Michael’s house. Lucas, Michael’s business partner at The Perfect Blend is suddenly homeless when their building which houses the cafe and Lucas’ appartment above it, burns down. Luckily he is able to move into Michael’s house while it is being rebuilt by Carter and his team.

Lucas has had a big crush on Carter for a long time, but not wanting to ruin their friendship he’s done nothing about it. After they start living together Carter starts to realise that maybe he has feelings for Lucas, but doesn’t believe he would feel the same.

They both do their best to ignore their feelings for quite a lot of the book, Lucas even makes a list (the half baked plan) of things that annoy him about Carter in the hope this will show him he’s not right for him. After a speed dating event organised by their friends they end up on a date and finally start to admit to their feelings for each other.

This was a slow burn romance between friends who become more, it was a fun, sweet read with plenty of baking and building as the two guys wake up to what and who they really want.

I enjoyed meeting up with the crew from the Crystal Queers quiz team and I’m looking forward to some more romances around these guys. I loved seeing how Michael and Bobby were going on their travels as they chatted to Lucas and Carter.

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Becca Jackson is the author of mm romance stories that deliver heart, heat, and happily ever afters for some totally adorkable and fabulous guys.

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