New Release Book Review: A Traitor Shows His Hand by Mia Monroe

I am really enjoying the Covens of Eaton Falls series, once again, I like the way the books continue on from the previous one and things don’t get rehashed all over again. I can’t believe we are nearly at the end, only one more book to go until we find out how this war will turn out for everyone involved.

In A Traitor Shows His Hand ( Covens of Eaton Falls #5) things are really starting to heat up and move along, there was plenty going on, with ‘The Beautiful One’ showing more of his hand, more power-hungry bad guys and of course, more romance.

While I was hoping this would be Willem’s book, Mia Monroe has saved that for the final battle and I can’t wait for that potential love triangle to play out.

I really liked getting to know Jack and Maverick better, the twins have had a bit of the unknown about them and I loved learning of their twin connection and the power they had together and individually.
Learning to be separated from each other was tough for Maverick and Jack, but it is what they both need to be able to move forward and grow into their individual potential and find their own soulmates. Jack had a lot to deal with in this book, which sets up the final relationship for the last book Demons Are So annoying. Jack and Prince have a deeper connection than he imagined and it was enjoyable to see how his attitude towards Prince changed as he was forced to spend time with him while he was still in his vulnerable state. I think sparks are really going to fly in the next book. as Jack, Prince and Willem figure things out.

Geoffrey was completely besotted with Maverick and though at first neither thought they could possibly be together for various reasons, once they make that jump they are both all in, and for Maverick this really helps him come into his own hidden powers. I thought Maverick and Geoffrey were perfect for each other and complemented each other well, I liked how they both supported each other through every turn and learned to communicate what they were thinking and feeling.

While they have managed to find out much more about what is going on with the war that has been waged against them, and there were some surprises in store in that department, I can only imagine there is going to be plenty more action, chaos and magic to come before the war is over. I hope they don’t lose too many more of their friends in order to save the world.

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