Audio Blog Tour: Review, Excerpt & Giveaway: Cracks in the Ice by Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood

Cracks in the Ice (Mohegan U Hockey, Book 1) By Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood

Narrated by Alexander Cendese


I’ve enjoyed listening to a few of these authors’ books and was excited but wary to hear this one had a different narrator and one I hadn’t heard before, I’m very picky. Alexander Cendese did a great job and I really enjoyed listening to him narrate Cracks in the Ice, I will happily listen to more of his work in the future.

Now to the story, I enjoyed meeting Benny and Cole; they were lovely guys to get to know, and I enjoyed their slow-building relationship. I liked the fact that despite Benny finding his attraction to Cole something new, he didn’t freak out, but just accepted it, if only everyone would just be chill like he was and accept people are attracted to who they are attracted to and this can change throughout our lives.

Benny is still dealing with the loss of his wife, he had previously hit rock bottom and I liked that this new role as a coach was able to give him a way to have a break and start something new. Meeting Cole certainly helped with starting something new. Poor Cole, used and abused, but still believing in true love and lucky for him along comes Benny. These two really did work well together.

There was some drama with one of the players on Benny’s team, and there was more than one underlying reason behind his behaviour, but I think he needed a lot of professional help to deal with all his issues.

I enjoyed the small catch-up with the guys from the other books, it’s always nice to see how characters you’ve grown to love are getting on.

A sweet low angst story

About the book

How can they trust love not to hurt them again?


I’ll never fall in love again.

I had my chance, and I was the happiest man you can imagine. One day, it all came to an end. The only thing left was playing hockey, but it wasn’t enough, and I became my own worst enemy.

When my old school offered me a lifeline, I took it. As a coach, I could at least be miserable in a different place.

But when I arrived, there he was—bright and warm, like sunshine. I’d lived in the dark for so long my soul was frozen, but he thawed me out. I started feeling things again, wanting things. For the first time since the dark times began, I wondered if there was a chance. I’d never thought about being with another man, but so what? Could I be lucky enough to find love twice?


I was done. No. More. Men.

I’d always made the worst possible dating choices, and one guy after another took advantage of me. Invariably, I thought I was falling in love. Once I told them, they’d show their true colors and run.

Worn out and unable to stand another heartbreak, I swore off love. I almost had my master’s degree, and playing the piano was a much safer route to happiness.

No sooner had I made up my mind than there he was—hot as a forest fire, yet very sad. When I found out why, I understood. Someday, he’d love again, but there was no reason I shouldn’t be a friend.

Then he kissed me, and everything turned on a dime. I needed to protect myself from getting pulled in again, but the harder I tried, the more I believed in him. Was I making another horrible mistake? Would this time be different, or was I setting myself up for the biggest letdown of all?

Cracks in the Ice is a gay sports romance featuring hurt/comfort, sensitive men, unexpected connections, first times, an age gap, faculty/student romance, explosive chemistry, hard-earned happiness, and a very satisfying HEA.

Content warnings for partner deaths, traumatic accidents, and alcohol abuse. While these issues happened in the past, they may still be difficult for some.

Publisher: Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood

Release Date: December 05, 2022

Version: Unabridged Audio

Whispersync – Voice Enabled

Length: 6 hours and 53 minutes

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Genre: Sports Romance, Contemporary Gay Romance, Romance

Tropes: Hurt/Comfort, Faculty/Student, Opposites Attract, Age Gap, First Times, Hockey

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It was a cloudless, sunny afternoon, almost unheard of for March in Western New York. The temperature outside was only forty-six degrees, but indoors, it was hot. Never in ten million billion years had I imagined a man like Benny might be interested in me.

Don’t get ahead of yourself. This is how you get hurt.

I knew it was the first time he’d kissed a man, and he hadn’t proposed marriage or even seeing each other officially, but we were on a date. After that kiss, the entire day was one long, glorious, dreamy date, wasn’t it?

In the living room, we chose one of Diana’s colorful rugs and lay side-by-side on the floor, enjoying the sunrays streaming through the tall windows. We talked about little things and enjoyed long, sultry kisses that had my heart doing wild things in my chest.

After a while, he said, “I forgot I’d planned to ask if you wanted to go hiking this afternoon.”

We were on our sides, facing each other, and I traced a finger along his nose. “Do you want to go hiking?”

“Not now. I mean, I would if you wanted to, but I like lying here with you.”

“Me too. And I like this.” I kissed him again, and we reached an unspoken agreement that hiking was overrated.

Cracks in the Ice. Copyright © 2022 Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood. All rights reserved.


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About the Authors

Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood met in law school and were married in 2017. Currently, they divide their time between Washington, DC and a home in the country, where they live with their family and a big, cuddly German shepherd. Ryan and Josh love to travel, and hockey is practically a religion in their house. Ryan also enjoys swimming and photography, and Josh—who used to be a professional musician—likes to putter in the garden when he can. Their own romance inspired them to begin writing stories about other gay men finding their own “happily ever afters.” Cracks in the Ice is the debut novel of a new series, Mohegan U Hockey. Ryan and Josh have also published ten other books and six audiobooks. You can contact Ryan and Josh through their website at

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