New Release Book Review: Perfectly Wild by Leesa Bow

Perfectly Wild (Beautifully Wild #3) by Leesa Bow 


The series that started with Beautifully Wild (formerly Ulara) “A story of travel, of soulmates, forbidden love, forbidden journeys, secrets and ultimately finding out who you are and what you want from life; a journey of self-discovery” (from my review) followed by Hopelessly Wild (formerly Wild at Heart) is beautifully concluded in Perfectly Wild.

Eden and Samuel have been on a wild journey both experiencing both wonderful and terrible things. Now after having escaped the jungle barely hanging onto his life Samuel joins Eden and their daughter Rose in Adelaide hoping to make a happy life for them all together. But as they have discovered before, life doesn’t always give us what we want.

Samuel is very sick and also suffering PTSD and extreme guilt from his time trying to help the Ularan’s find a new home after theirs became too dangerous to stay in. We slowly uncover some of what Samuel went through to fulfil his promise to the people he had grown to love and my heart broke for him and all he had endured and the struggle he was still going through believing he needed to provide for his family at the loss of his own happiness.

Eden is a force to be reckoned with and does everything she can to help Samuel and to get him to realise his health and happiness are what is most important. Eden also has her grandmother’s diary and she slowly reads each chapter and uncovers more secrets about her grandmother’s time with the Ularan’s and learns to understand and be in awe of all she went through. Eden’s family, especially her father has to relearn all they thought they knew about this extraordinary woman.

Perfectly Wild was an emotional journey on many fronts for me as the reader as I stood by Eden and Samuel as they tried their best to come to terms with everything they’d been through to get to where they now were. With the support of their families and their friends, they are able to work their way through the many difficulties and find peace and happiness, though there were times I wondered if it could possibly have a happy outcome for everyone.

I hope we might one day get to find out more about Eden’s dad’s journey to possibly connect with his sister one day as this has so much potential as another story.

A wonderful series that must be read in order.


My experience in the jungle taught me how fate tested the balance of life and to never become complacent. 

I thought returning to modern civilization would be okay because we have each other. 

That our love would be enough. 

That our family would be enough. 

A perfect love. 

Only Samuel is no ordinary man. 

And the jungle calls to him. 

In my heart, I sense I’m losing the battle. 

I have to find another place for us to belong that doesn’t threaten our lives. 

Because a love like ours is worth fighting for. 

Fate has no idea what I will do or how far I’ll go for love. 

Perfectly Wild is a contemporary romance/medical romance with a twist; a wounded hero; a feisty heroine who fights for their love. Running out of time love, with steamy moments, secrets, lies, and heartache that will hit you straight in the feels. Opposites attract, and the grumpy/sunshine banter you’ll love. 

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adventure romance, Romantic suspense, New adult romance, Contemporary Women’s Fiction 

Cover Design: Letitia at RBA Designs  

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Beautifully Wild 

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Hopelessly Wild 

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Author Bio 

Best selling Australian author, Leesa Bow writes alphas with a fierce determination to win, and the women who will push for them to fight harder. She is known for her steamy sports romance and her latest adventure romance. 

Leesa lives in sunny Queensland, Australia. She spends her spare time with her family, and catching up with girlfriends for coffee or a wine. 

Leesa loves to keep fit with pilates, and yoga, and keeping the fun with laughter in her life. 

She loves nothing more than to curl up with a good book, and a glass of South Australian wine. 

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