Release Blitz & Review: ILYBSM – I Love You Both So Much by J.E Birk, Rachel Ember & Leslie McAdam

About the book

Everyone has secrets. I’ve kept some big ones from my two best friends, and I know they’ve got a few of their own. After all, Embry and Adam never told me why they stopped talking to each other the night we graduated college. For my part, I’ve never told them that I’m bi—or that I’ve been in love with both of them for years. I’m also definitely not telling them I’ve mismanaged my family’s tree farm so badly that it’s about to go out of business right before Christmas. 

But when I crash off a ladder hanging up holiday lights and break my wrist, they come running like Santa’s elves. They’re both very grumpy about seeing each other again, but I can’t be sorry to finally have an excuse to get them in the same place. Wait until they find out we’re all sleeping in one bed… 

At least their feud is put on hold when they discover what a mess I’ve made of my business. Soon the three of us are scrambling to pull off a Christmas miracle and save the farm. And maybe it’s the magic of the holidays, but a whole lot of feelings and long-buried truths are coming to the surface—and our friendship is starting to become something much bigger. 

Will we survive the season? Or are all my dreams about to be crushed this Christmas? 

ILYBSM is a sweet and steamy contemporary holiday m/m/m polyamorous romance about three former best friends. It stars Jeb, a sweetly oblivious farmer who’s the hottest mess to ever grow trees in Vermont; Embry, a mechanic who can fix any engine but not a relationship; and Adam, a graphic designer and organizational whiz who irons his sheets. It features truths that slip out thanks to homemade eggnog, a demon goat who looks fabulous in a Santa hat, and an unconventional happy ever after. 


I’m a big fan of Rachel Ember and have enjoyed books by J. E Birk and Leslie McAdam so was excited to read a collaboration by all these authors, the fact it was MMM was a bonus.

ILYBSM was a fun read, full of friendship, misunderstandings, steamy bedroom scenes, and emotional/romantic/sexual awakening between friends and a HEA, oh, and a goat called Sherbert.

These three guys have been friends for years and none of them knew the others wanted more than friendship or that any of them were anything but straight. When Jeb, Embry and Adam are brought together after Jeb has an accident they are all forced to deal with feelings they’ve been hiding from for a long time.

Jeb has been hiding how bad things are with his business from everyone and is one of those stubborn people (like myself) who doesn’t like to ask for help. On top of dealing with their complicated relationship they also have to navigate trying to save Jeb’s business and working out what each of them wants for their futures.

I enjoyed the group text messages at the end or beginning of each chapter which helped show their relationship whilst they were at college and added an extra dimension to the story.

The side characters were all fabulous and many played a big part in helping Jeb, Adam and Embry with their relationship and the business. I look forward to hopefully seeing them in the future.

Communication is definitely the key to making this triad work and survive. I really enjoyed seeing the relationships between these three blossom into something stronger than and more than friendship. Their desire to explore their sexual relationship with each other was both fun and steamy. Each of these guys brings their own issues to the relationship that all have to be navigated and worked through before a HEA can be reached.

ILYBSM by Leslie McAdam, JE Birk & Rachel Ember is now live! 


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About the Author

Leslie McAdam is a California girl who loves romance and well-defined abs. She lives in a drafty old farmhouse on a small orange tree farm in Southern California with her husband and two small children. Leslie’s first published book, The Sun and the Moon, won a 2015 Watty, which is the world’s largest online writing competition. She’s gone on to receive additional literary awards and has been featured in multiple publications, including Her books have been Top 100 Bestsellers on both Amazon and Apple Books. Leslie is employed by day but spends her nights writing about the men of your fantasies. 

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