New Release Book Review: Rocked: The Price of Dreams by Tania Joyce

I loved the Everhide series so being taken back to when Gemma, Hunter & Kyle first met in high school and traversing their ups and downs and their strong friendship to the beginnings of their fame opened up a new appreciation for these three.

I loved how seamlessly they all connected and how strong their bond became, it was this bond that allowed them to get through some really painful trials with their families. None of them had particularly happy homelives, though Kyle’s was the one that brought me to tears and affected all three of them.

Tania Joyce has a way of writing real, raw and damaged but strong characters who pull at your heartstrings as you get to know them. Each one of her books in the Everhide series deals with some serious issues and Rocked: The Price of Dreams is no different. All three come from families struggling with their own problems; alcoholism, abuse, and neglect, all of these impact in big ways on Gemma, Kyle and Hunter and will leave scars on them that carry through the series.

I loved how they grew into strong young adults from the young insecure teens when the book first started. Music drew them together and gave them something to live for and they aimed big and despite everything made their dreams happen.

A really great addition to the Everhide series.

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The day I met Kyle and Hunter, my life changed.
Music united us. Bound us together.
We shared a dream…to become rockstars.
But we came from a poor part of town.
The people who should love us, don’t.
Sometimes, life took violent turns.
The only thing I had were these two guys.
Nothing could break us. Nothing.
How far was I willing to go to make our dream come true?
Would it be worth leaving everything behind?
From the moment we played our first song together,
Nothing could’ve prepared me for the path that lay ahead.

This is the prequel to the Everhide Rockstar Romance Series. This is a PRE-ROMANCE that leads into the relationships that develop throughout the series.


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