New Release Book Review: This is Real by Barbara Elsborg

This is Real is my second Christmas read by Barabra Elsborg in the past few weeks and though completely different to The Santa Problem, it was just as enjoyable.

Murdo and Lukas couldn’t be more different from each other, at least on the surface, but as they both dig deep and get to know each other it seems they are exactly who the other needs. While Murdo is willing to take a chance on giving his heart to Lukas, Lukas isn’t as sure, he’s got more to lose, but if he doesn’t he may lose everything he didn’t know mattered.

It took me a while to warm up to Lukas, he came across as a spoiled man who was used to walking over anyone who didn’t matter and the way he behaved towards Murdo because of his own hidden feelings and insecurities really annoyed me. But once he begins to open up to Murdo and show his true self, I began to like who he could be a great deal. Murdo was full of warmth and knew who he was and what he was worth and I liked the way he was able to help Lukas discover the things he’d kept pushed down for so long.

I find it sad that people use their religion to hate on others and that this stops people from being able to be their true selves. Hopefully one day this won’t even register on people’s radars and they will be free to be who they are with love and support from everyone, especially family.

I loved the happy ever after and the peek into one year into the future, I always like it when an author adds an epilogue and I get to see that little glimpse of where things went with the couple I have been cheering for.

Thanks to the author for a digital copy of this novel in return for an honest review.


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