New Release Book Review: Brock by Carole Brungar

Somehow I forgot to post up my review for Carole Brungar’s new contemporary romance series, so I am rectifying that immediately.

The first in a new contemporary romance series by one of my favourite authors, Brock is the oldest of the Hamiltons and the first sibling to get his story.

I liked Brock, and was keen to find out his backstory and why he hides away in his cabin in a remote town (sounds like the kind of place I’d like to live). We slowly uncover Brock’s past and a twist is revealed which will make Brock take stock of his life and his feelings.

Adelaide is a photographer who comes out to Brock’s remote town to take nature photos for a job. I had a love-hate relationship with Adelaide, and it took me quite a while to like her. I found her behaviour towards Brock when she finds herself staying at his house until she can go out to start her job to be extremely rude and if I were him I’d have thrown her out, especially as he didn’t want her there to start with and was doing her a favour.

Neither Brock nor Adelaide is looking for love or any sort of romance, but bounce off each other much to both their dislike. As their chemistry grows when they spend time together in the beautiful area of NZ, and they slowly get to know each other, they find themselves scared about where this could lead.

I really came to care about Brock and wanted him to be happy, as for Adelaide, when I found out her backstory I felt compassion for her and understood a bit more about where she was coming from.

This was an easy read and I’m looking forward to seeing how these two are getting on in future books as I’m hoping they will pop up in Brock’s siblings’ lives.

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