New Release Book Review: When the River Rises by Rachel Ember

I love this series and have been looking forward to When the River Rises (Wild Ones #5) since finishing As the Tallgrass Grows (#4) it was great to finally clear up the mystery that we first encountered in The Long Winter (#1).

I liked finally getting to meet Jake, getting to know him, and learning more about the animosity between him and his cousins. And I loved meeting Cam and getting to know him too, it seems like an unlikely match, but Cam and Jake really hit it off and have big impacts on each other.

This book is told in two timelines, the present-day and two years ago. The chapters alternate between the two with Jake telling the present-day timeline and Cam the one from two years ago. While I usually enjoy dual timeline stories and it was needed to get the whole picture, I found myself wanting to keep focusing on each one and being disappointed when I got pulled out from each timeline.

Jake has so many hidden depths and I liked how Rachel Ember slowly peeled back the layers for us to see, his story and his family situation are not one of happy families, though his uncles Bo and Dylan do a good job of making up for some of the deficits while he was growing up. All isn’t as it seems with Jake and we are left to wonder for most of the books what happened after he left Cam.

Cam’s aunt is a criminal and the reason he meets Jake in the first place when Jake is charged with keeping him safe. Cam is so far removed from the criminal world and had a nativity to him that I hoped he wouldn’t lose.

I thoroughly enjoyed When the River Rises and really hope we get to see the Chase family reunite and heal the rift that was created decades ago.

While this can be read as a stand-alone, I personally would read them in order, there are storylines that are overarching and they are all such great reads you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks to the author for a digital copy in return for an honest review.

Wild Ones series:

The Long Winter (#1)

Signs of Spring (#2)

The Burning Season (#3)

As the Tallgrass Grows (#4)

When the River Rises (#5)


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