New Release Book Review: Wonderland by Rachel Ember


A second chance at love with your estranged best friend, man did Peter and Riley deserve that chance!

I really enjoy Rachel Ember’s writing and I’m so glad she has written a book in the Vino Veritas series. I really enjoyed Wonderland, everything about it made for an engaging read. I loved both Peter and Riley and was cheering them on from the get-go. As the reason for their estrangement slowly gets uncovered, I liked the way they were both able to communicate easier and forgive each other for what happened in the past. I enjoyed the chemistry and the friendship they shared.

Riley’s grandfather Gene is a character, and I enjoyed seeing the relationship between him and Riley rebuild itself and seeing Riley realise how much faith Gene was putting in him by allowing him to see how vulnerable he was and what a mess he had let his property and himself become and seeing Gene pull himself out of it with Riley and Peter’s help.

The setting of the broken-down amusement park was as much a character as the people and I enjoyed exploring it and seeing it come back to life.

I enjoyed seeing them both interact with some of the other Vino & Veritas characters I have come to know and love and I liked that they were all there to support Riley when he needed them.

About the Book:

I left Vermont on the most painful day of my life and swore I’d never go back. Meadows Park–the shuttered amusement park that’s been in my family for generations–is the home of all my finest and worst memories. They all star Peter Landry–the best friend I ever had, and the only guy I’ve ever loved. 

But then my eccentric grandfather buried two million dollars on the property and couldn’t remember where. 

So I’m back, and asking Peter for help. He’s an Ivy League lawyer now. Still gorgeous, and able to gut me with a single smile. And I’m still a disappointment, living in the city and washing dishes to get by. As soon as we strike off down the first sunlit path, the Meadows Park magic begins to fill my heart with yearning, lust, and most dangerous of all—dreams.

I’m secretly relieved each time the day ends, leaving us empty-handed. I know it’s wrong—without that money, we could lose the park.

But if I find the treasure, I lose the guy.

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Cover Design: Christine Coffey


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