Check-in Post & Challenge Update

Wow, where has this year gone, I started off really well checking in at the end of every month, but somehow I haven’t managed a Check-in post since May. This year seems to be flying by, I don’t feel I’ve accomplished much other than to realise I’m not really happy in my job, so am on the lookout for something different and definitely something more reliable, relying on a casual paycheque just isn’t working.

I have managed to keep up with my art lessons, the majority of my paintings this year have been of my furbaby Cricket, if you remember she passed away in January and this has been my way of healing and getting through my grief.

Now I need to save money to get them framed.

I managed to cross a couple of books off of my challenges.

I reached my goal of 150 books on my Goodreads Challenge which was exciting, I wonder how many I’ll read by the end of the year.

You can check out all the books I’ve read here

I crossed off – A retelling of a classic – with Bennett, Pride Before the Fall by Anyta Sunday, an MM romance retelling of Jane Austin’s classic. I really enjoyed this retelling, the author has 6 books in the Love, Austin series.

I crossed off two from this challenge – An Adventure – with the debut novel Gone to Ground by Bronwyn Hall, an action/romance that I was hooked on from the start. And +450 pages – with A Caravan Like a Canary by Sasha Wasley, which I both read and listened to together. A contemporary fiction read about family, secrets and finding yourself on a road trip.

To cross the rest off on the two challenges I’m going to have to be selective about my book choices and not hope for the best, which is how I’ve been playing it so far. Any suggestions you have for my missing books, please let me know in the comments.

Until next month, happy reading.


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