New Release Book Review: Scarred Strings by Tania Joyce

Tanya Joyce has once again delivered an emotional read, pulling on the heartstrings from the very start.

Flint is struggling desperately with the loss of his brother in a car accident, a loss he blames himself for. After being unable to play or sing since his death, his band is on the verge of losing their contract. He’s given three months to turn himself around and get back to writing and recording some new songs. His manager sets him up with Sutton, an actress who is trying to change her image from sweet to edgier, the hope is they will help each other turn things around.

Sutton was very stubborn, determined to make her career as an actress happen, which is a good thing, but she couldn’t see anything else except that one goal. Having been burned by her father and an ex-boyfriend, she is also not willing to trust that people won’t do wrong by her or leave her. She is also very naive in many ways.

I really liked Flint, he cared far more about everyone else than he did for himself and would do whatever he could to help them, sometimes to the detriment of both parties. Sutton was hot and cold for me, I liked her, but she frustrated me at times. The chemistry between them is immediately apparent but they put rules in place to stop anything from happening, these rules get reviewed several times as their feelings grow and they can’t ignore what is occurring, there is plenty of steam to be had in this novel. Where Flint gives with all his heart, Sutton has hers walled up tight. I really enjoyed seeing them both grow and heal as they explored what was between them.

I really liked Flint’s two bandmates Cole and Slip as well as their manager Blake and I’m looking forward to reading their stories as the series continues.

Catching up with characters from the Everhide series was a nice addition and I’m expecting to see more of them in future books.

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