New Release Book Review: An A-List for Death by Pamela Hart

I really enjoyed catching up with Poppy again, she was lots of fun in Digging Up Dirt and not much has changed, she is still managing to get herself involved in multiple mysteries and crimes and taking it upon herself to help investigate. When Poppy’s aunt’s best friend is found bleeding and unconscious by Poppy, she is drawn into family secrets and plots and is determined to help work out what happened and who is out to get her, if anyone even actually is. Poppy is easy to like and the people around her all seem to trust her, she also likes to think the best of people even when they don’t deserve it.

She is in a relationship with Tol who she got together with during the previous book and I really like him, he was excellent support for Poppy when things spin out of control even when he becomes a suspect in the case. I hope they can make their relationship last.

There was once again a whole cast of characters from Poppy’s coworkers and her family, the police and the many suspects in what turns into several mysteries and murder attempts. I didn’t like two police officers who once again investigated the crimes, Detective Chloe Prudhomme blew too hot and cold for me, she was also hostile one minute and friendly the next, I really found her unpleasant and didn’t understand why Poppy seemed to like her.

There were plenty of threads to tie together in An A-List for Death and plenty of suspects and twists and turns while uncovering who was who and who did what. There was humour and some romance and plenty going on to keep me entertained.

I look forward to more Poppy McGowan cosy mysteries because there is no way I can see Poppy staying out of trouble in the future.

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