New Release Book Review: The Felicity Theory by Davina Stone

I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with Felicity and Oliver, I am a sucker for road trip books, especially when they cover places I myself have done the same journey, unfortunately, I did mine alone whereas Felicity and Oliver were able to experience it together.

These characters were complete opposites, Oliver the guy who has to have everything planned out (that didn’t work out so well for him) and Felicity who tries to live in the moment, enjoying and making the most out of life. Both of their personalities have been brought about by tragedy when they were younger and they both dealt with it in different ways.

I loved that they both brought something out of each other that neither realised they were missing and I really enjoyed seeing them let down their walls and slowly let the other in if only for the time being, neither willing to look towards the future.

The ‘Shagging Wagon’ was a character all of its own and provided for some dramas along the way which tested them both. As they travel from Perth to Sydney they unwind and Oliver starts to lose his inhibitions and let go a bit.

Still getting over his breakup from six months before on the day of his wedding, Felicity is the medicine he didn’t realise he needed. His ex is a nasty piece of work, one of those women who think only of themselves and what life and people can do for them, and her interactions with both Oliver and Felicity later in the story reiterated my feelings about her.

It was nice to see Alice and Aaron from book #1 The Alice Equation finally get married and see them both completely in love with each other still. it was also nice to get a glimpse of the other two couples and see that they are still together. I loved the update on Oliver and Felicity at the end of the book, it tied it all up nicely.

I highly recommend The Felicity Theory for a fun and happy romantic trip. I also recommend the rest of this fun series. Read my reviews here for The Alice Equation, The Polly Principle & A Kiss For Carter.

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