Check-in Post & Challenge Update

For the most part, February was a much better month than January, Suki is settling in well, she decided to help (or hinder) me make my bed the other day, it took 20 minutes to get all the corners of the fitted sheet attached to the mattress and the blanket, well apparently that was a no!

In not so good news I managed to fracture my ankle on a hike, so I’m in a fair bit of pain and waiting for an appointment with an orthopaedic specialist, you’ve got to love the public system.

I managed to read 12 books and 1 audiobook, I have nearly finished an 18-hour audiobook but that will go in next month’s check-in. So that is 4 books better than January, I’m happy with that.

I managed to cross a couple of items off the challenges:

The Sunday Bookclub Challenge – A book with 5 or more words in the title – The Trouble With Trying To Date A Murderer by Jennifer Cody (I loved this book). A book with nature on the cover – Penninsula Promises by Heather Reyburn.

The Dymocks Reading ChallengeIllustrated Cover – Tidal Wave by Beth Prentice. Start of a series – (I’ve got three to choose from in this category) Wicked Heat by Ella Frank. Re-read a favourite – Capture by Jennifer Cody. Finished in a day – Restored Ruins by G.R Lyons.

My Goodreads challenge is at 21/150.

What I’m reading now – The Felicity Theory by Davina Stone, and one of my most anticipated reads, Wildflower by Monique Mulligan. I’ve got some good books on my list to read after I finish these two.

Until next time happy reading.

10 thoughts on “Check-in Post & Challenge Update

    1. Thank you, me too. I’m not sure what to do, it’s been over a week and a half, getting results and finding a doctor who knows what they are talking about is a nightmare. Finally got results sent to my proper gp and he says go sit in emergency and get seen quicker than next Wednesday, got get crutches and stay off it. Easier said than done with a mortgage.

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        1. Yeah I should have gone before now. I imagine it’ll be better to go during the day, so I’ll go after work tomorrow. If they can help me maybe I’ll know if I can work or not and if I’ve done more damage hobbling very slowly on it

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  1. Suki is adorable and I can see she loves you already. Sorry about your ankle. I hope you don’t need an operation. It must be so painful. My son broke his last week. Both bones snapped clean through. He’s had on op and has now had to come live at home for a while.

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    1. Thank you, yes Suki is adorable, but cheeky. I have an appointment next Wednesday, I’m taking it easy, still working, but walking on it as little as possible. Good job we have a long weekend this weekend, I can rest up and read for three days

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