Blog Tour – Review & Excerpt: Sapphire Sunset by C. Travis Rice

Will saving Sapphire Cove help forge the union they crave, or will it drive them
apart once more?

Sapphire Sunset, an all new emotional and captivating MM romance from
New York Times bestselling author Christopher Rice writing as C. Travis
Rice, is available now!

For the first time, New York Times bestselling author Christopher Rice writes as C.
Travis Rice. Under his new pen name, Rice offers tales of passion, intrigue, and steamy
romance between men. The first novel, SAPPHIRE SUNSET, transports you to a
beautiful luxury resort on the sparkling Southern California coast where strong-willed
heroes release the shame that blocks their heart’s desires.

Logan Murdoch is a fighter, a survivor, and a provider. When he leaves a distinguished
career in the Marine Corps to work security at a luxury beachfront resort, he’s got one
objective: pay his father’s mounting medical bills. That means Connor Harcourt, the
irresistibly handsome scion of the wealthy family that owns Sapphire Cove, is strictly off
limits, despite his sassy swagger and beautiful blue eyes. Logan’s life is all about
sacrifices; Connor is privilege personified. But temptation is a beast that demands to be
fed, and a furtive kiss ignites instant passion, forcing Logan to slam the brakes. Hard.

Haunted by their frustrated attraction, the two men find themselves hurled back together
when a headline-making scandal threatens to ruin the resort they both love. This time,
there’s no easy escape from the magnetic pull of their white hot desire. Will saving
Sapphire Cove help forge the union they crave, or will it drive them apart once more?

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My Review

What a great introduction to both this author and this series. I adored both of the MCs, Connor and Logan.

When these two meet the attraction is instant, when Logan shuts down anything happening with Connor I was holding back tears for them both, but I could really feel Connor’s hurt and my heart hurt for him, he’d put himself out there and got kicked to the kerb.

When it comes time for them to meet again 5 years down the track, I was reading with my fingers crossed the whole time. Two people from such different backgrounds, but who after 5 years had not let go of the connection they shared for that one night, and who were still instantly aware of each other, I could only hope that as things spiralled back and forward and as the dramas around Sapphire Cove unfolded and played out, that Connor and Logan could manage to create something wonderful between them. While both Logan and Connor came from different backgrounds, both carried their own baggage given to them by their families, in learning to love each other, they both needed to look at their pasts and put down the baggage and see it for what it is.

While the romance and chemistry between Connor and Logan were wonderful, the villains in the story were anything but. Connor’s uncle, Rodney, who from the get-go was an awful person and a wronged widow looking for someone to blame, these characters showed how easy it is to destroy people’s lives and businesses through blackmail and the power of social media.

There was plenty going on throughout this novel and there wasn’t a moment where I felt I was bored at all, I couldn’t stop reading, needing to know what was going to happen next and whether they were going to be able to pull both the hotel and their relationship out of the fire.

I am really looking forward to the next book in the Sapphire Cove series.


“Wow.” Logan’s voice echoed through the rocky chamber.
Here, the sounds of the ocean surf softened into something that was more like a
gurgling brook. What whitecaps the cave’s mouth captured were filtered down into
something frothy and inviting amidst the labyrinth of low rocks within. The basic security
lights at foot level threw a soft golden light across the metal struts that secured the rock
ceiling overhead.
“I used to come here all the time as a kid with my friends,” Connor said nervously.
“There’re all kinds of caverns back here we used to play and hide in before my mom
found out and busted us. She still has no idea they don’t go that deep. She still thinks
you could get lost in here. But I’ve got an excellent sense of direction.”
“Do you?”
“Yeah, I usually know where things are headed.”
“Makes sense, I guess. Your life’s kinda laid out for you, right? You’ll probably run this
place someday, right? Heir apparent and all that.”
“Oh, God. Do they still call me the prince?” Connor turned, resting his butt against the
guardrail so he could focus on Logan.
“Is that a good thing? Should I be annoyed by that?”
“Better to be the prince than a peasant, I guess,” Logan said.
“Are those really the only two choices?”
Logan laughed, but there was relief in it. As if Connor’s snarky response had shined a
light on possibilities he hadn’t seen before now. “I guess not.”
“Whatever. I’ll let it go.”
Silence then, save for the gurgling of the sea pushing its way past them and deeper into
the cave.
Connor rested his elbows on the rail on either side of him, an attempt to look casual
even though the sight of Logan leaning against the cave wall, hands in his pockets,
studying Connor with a half smile made Connor feel welded in place. “All right, your
“My turn for what?” Logan asked.
“I told you mine, and my grandpa’s. What’s your magic moment?”
“Okay.” Logan straightened. “So if I remember correctly, it’s like a moment when you’re
doing something you love and you feel the most satisfied by it. Is that right?”
“Exactly.” Connor was thrilled that Logan had listened so closely.
“Well, my life is kind of starting over, so I’m kind of figuring out what it is I love to do.
Kickboxing’s up there, but that’s more of a fast and furious kind of thing, and the high is
mostly when I’m done. Not sure there’s really a magic hour there. There was some stuff
about the Marines that I loved, especially once I was a staff sergeant and I was in the
zone for gunnery sergeant. But a lot of it was tough, and a lot to hold.”
“I’m sure.”
When Logan started toward him through the shadows, Connor’s breath caught. His feet
felt planted to the boards, and the sides of his face got tingly and hot.
“So if I had to pick,” Logan said, “I’d pick this one.”
“Walking rounds?”
“No. I’d pick the moment when I’m finally all alone with a guy who drives me wild, and I
know we’re about to kiss, but I’m not sure when. So there’s this tension in the air, and I
can feel it. Everywhere.”
They were inches apart now, so close Connor had to look up at him to maintain eye
“And we’re both circling, waiting for the right moment. And I’m trying to take it kinda slow
because I know one little touch”—Logan gently grazed Connor’s cheek with the side of
one finger—“and it might turn into a lot more than a kiss. But first, there’s a promise to
be kept.”
“What promise is that?” Connor asked in a squeaky whisper.
“I believe you promised me a dance.”
“Or you promised me one.”
“Either way, seems like time.”

About C. Travis Rice
C. Travis Rice is the pseudonym New York Times bestselling novelist Christopher Rice devotes to steamy tales of romance between men. Christopher has published multiple bestselling books in multiple genres and been the recipient of a Lambda Literary Award.
With his mother, Anne Rice, he is an executive producer on the AMC Studios adaptations of her novels The Vampire Chronicles and The Lives of the Mayfair Witches. Together with his best friend and producing partner, New York Times bestselling novelist, Eric Shaw Quinn, he runs the production company Dinner Partners.
Among other projects, they produce the podcast and video network, TDPS, which you
can find at

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