New Release Book Review: Tidal Wave by Beth Prentice

Tidal Wave by Beth Prentice

The fourth book in the Samantha Reynolds Mysteries was another enjoyable read where Sam once again takes it upon herself to hunt down the true killer. Sam’s wedding is thrown into chaos when her caterer is found murdered face down in her beautiful wedding cake. Considering this is Sam, it’s not surprising that things don’t go smoothly for her and that she then steps on toes trying to uncover the true murderer.

Casey has his family over from the UK and the wedding was supposed to be a surprise. I have to say I didn’t like Casey’s mum, from the information we get from Sam she is dead against Casey marrying her and just wants him to give up his life on Aloha Lagoon and return to the UK with them when they go home. Casey disappointed me a bit in this book, I think it would have been better if we’d got to see him behind the scenes and not relied on Sam’s take on what was going on, but since we only get Sam’s perspective I found him lacking in understanding about how his family, especially his mum was making Sam feel.

Casey isn’t happy about Sam investigating, and who can blame him after how things nearly turned out last time. Really he should have known Sam wouldn’t be able to help herself, in this instance I’d have liked Sam to be a bit more upfront with him, knowing how he’d feel, rather than sneaking around behind his back.

Sam’s BFF Alani always has her back despite her misgivings and I enjoyed her role in Sam’s investigations. She is definitely someone you can always count on.

There were plenty of twists and I was kept guessing right to the end who the real murderer was and why they did it. Sam and Alani had plenty of suppositions as they sneak around, questioning their suspects and upsetting the bad guys once again.

I look forward to seeing what Sam gets up to next time because surely she won’t be able to keep her promise to Casey and stay out of trouble for too long.

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