New Release Book Review: Playing it Safe by Amy Andrews

Playing it safeI read a lot of MM romances, so was interested to see Amy Andrews was writing one. Overall I really enjoyed this novel, I liked both of the main characters, Donovan Bane the professional rugby player hiding his sexuality and Beckett Stanton who is newly employed by the team in the finance department, I even really liked their instant connection.

I felt saddened for Donovan, being worried about ‘coming out’, wanting to be known for his rugby skills and not for being a gay player, and also for feeling he would have to live without love for the rest of his career. The fact his ex knew about it and wanted him to delay coming out until their daughter was out of school, made me more than a bit mad at her.

Beck was lovely, he’d been hurt before by being with someone who wanted to keep him a secret and was determined that he would never allow that to happen again.

But the chemistry between them was too hard for either of them to resist for long. I could really feel the chemistry between them, it is something Amy is good at portraying in her MF novels too. While the sex scenes were hot, I felt let down with the lack of foreplay and prep that went into the ‘full’ sex scene, it just didn’t work for me that there would be none of that, especially the prep for someone experiencing it for the first time, even as the top.

I felt for both of them as they struggled with figuring out where their relationship could go and what they were willing to give up to be together. I thought Donovan came to his decision very fast after all his angst but loved the way he did what he did to show Beck he wanted to be with him.

Overall a really enjoyable read with a happy ending.

Thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Brazen Publishing for a digital copy of this book in return for an honest review.


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