New Release Book Review: A Kiss For Carter by Davina Stone

A kiss for CarterI loved A Kiss for Carter, it had all the feels needed to make it a wonderfully enjoyable read.

Carter is adorable, shy and insecure about himself, he struggles with his attraction to Judith because he is afraid of embarrassing himself with his attraction to her. I felt for Carter, he wasn;t sure how to broach his feelings or his ‘problem’ with Judith and gives off mixed signals to her because of this.

I liked Judith a lot and loved how much she liked Carter. Her ex was a waste of space and I’m glad she stood up to him.

Once both of these characters start communicating, it becomes a really wonderful romance and their feelings blossom quickly when you know you know.

They both have some family issues to sort through and these highlighted some relevant social issues, LGBTQI+ and the issue of teens feeling the need to fit in and behave in ways that go against who they are. I really liked the ways things around these issues were handled, and I loved the ending that highlighted these issues for good.

A really lovely and enjoyable romance, I hope there is more to come in this series.


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