New Release Book Review: Chasing Fate by Mia Monroe

Chasing Fate (Friendship and Desire #2)Another sweet MM read by Mia Monroe, I loved Diego and Sydney, best friends reconnecting after years apart. There were a few angsty thoughts for these two, both afraid to want something they thought the other didn’t want, especially Sydney who had underlying fears he wasn’t admitting to. I really liked that they were able to fall back into their old friendship so easily, there are few friendships in life that can be picked up so easily and it’s always a great thing when it happens.

The friends with benefits who fall for each other is a well-known trope, especially under the guise of helping the other explore their sexuality, but I still enjoyed the journey it took these two to get to their eventual happy ever after. I appreciated that these guys were in their 30s and making major changes in their personal and professional lives, it is always a scary thing to make changes and take new paths and I was glad Sydney had the full support of Diego behind him, he never would have gotten out of his rut if it wasn’t for him reigniting his passions., we all need someone to remind us of our passions.

I loved seeing how Dom and Zach were going from Dirty Forty and catching up with the other support cast. I’m glad to see Hayden gets a book next, I love his flamboyant character.

Thanks to the author for providing me with an ARC in return for an honest review.

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