New Release Book Review: DELTA (Talented: Variants #1) by Sophie Davis

Delta - Talented VariantsI read the first few books in the original Talented series just over 8 years ago, so when I saw a new series was coming out I was excited and jumped at the chance to read an advanced copy.

This was just as compelling and action-packed as I remember the original series being and I can’t wait for book 2 in this new Talented: Variants series. It was easy to pick up the thread even if you haven’t read the original series, it was so long ago I couldn’t have told you what had happened or who everyone was, but Sophie Davis puts enough backstory in there that I didn’t feel at all lost, it just made me want to revisit and finish the first series.

There is plenty going on, old talents and new talents are emerging. There are those who are against the Talented being allowed to live amongst the ‘normal’ people, the biggest group being the Son’s of After, who hunt down those who have Talents. Talia is their number one most wanted, which makes her agreeing to help find a missing girl that much more dangerous. There are plenty of secrets, even amongst those who Talia considers her friends. I love the relationship between Talia, Erik, and their adopted son Alex, even when they are disagreeing or in Alex’s case, not doing what he is told.

I am really looking forward to seeing where Talia’s investigations lead her in the next book and hope Erik doesn’t know more than he is saying.

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