Australian Women Writers Challenge and Goodreads Challenge Update 2020

I actually completed both of these challenges, unfortunately I didn’t complete any of the other challenges I set myself, but I think I may have overestimated my ability to multitask, especially with everything that went on this year.

FB_IMG_1577105032228I set myself the goal to read and review 50 books by Australian Women Writers and I have managed to read 147 books according to Goodreads, and reviewed and linked 79 of these on the AWW data base. There are a lot that didn’t make it to my blog, so be sure to check out my AWW 2020 Goodreads reviews to see what else I read.



I originally set myself the goal or reading 100 books for the Goodreads Challenge, at some point, surprisingly, I passed 100 and changed it to 160 which I have also, even more surprisingly, passed and reached 220 books. I say surprisingly, because I had a couple of major reading slumps throughout the year, so I certainly didn’t expect to read anywhere near 200. For the full list of all my reads for 2020 go here.

Anyway, it was a year of some fabulous books and if you want to check them all out you can here.





AWW 2021Next year is going to be another great year of reads and a much better year to live in. I’ve once again set my goal to read and review 50 books by Australian Women Writers, to join the AWW challenge go here.

I’ll set the goal of 150 books on Goodreads and see how I go.



The only other challenges I’m hoping to do are the:

nonfiction readers challenge 20212021 Nonfiction reader challenge hosted by Shellyrae @Book’d Out, I’m hoping to read 3 non fiction books this year in the Nonfiction Nipper category.



And I’ll attempt the A-Z reader challenge on the Aussie Reader group on GR.

I hope you all read some great books during 2020 and you met any challenges you set yourself. Happy reading in 2021, I hope to see you here then.

10 thoughts on “Australian Women Writers Challenge and Goodreads Challenge Update 2020

    1. Yes, I’m only doing the four basic ones this year. I might do a #throwbackthursday with the chocolate lady though, we’ll see. You did fabulously.


  1. Congrats! Ambitious goals! I made myself a 5×5 bingo card with old Netgalleys and some books that have been on my shelf for ages. And I joined a challenge to read BIPOC authors. That‘s it, anything more would overwhelm me, I think.
    My goal on GR was 150 this year as well, which I met. However, I am thinking of going down to at least 100 only, just to be a bit more relaxed ab out it.

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    1. That’s what I did this year with GR, it was good to be able to up it. That’s a great idea with the bingo card, I’ve got so many outstanding netgalley books. Yes, I overwhelmed myself at the start of the year and just dropped the majority of them.

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