Pre-Release Book Review: Right Moves by A. M Arthur

Right Move is book #6 in the Clean Slate Ranch series of which I’ve enjoyed them all. This one brings together two of the minor characters that were in the previous books as well as letting us see how all the other couples on Clean Slate are going.

I really liked George who suffers from serious social anxiety issues, having a bit of a struggle with this myself, I could fully appreciate how hard it was for him to take each step out of his comfort zone. As we uncover George’s reasons behind his anxiety, it’s a really traumatic experience for him. I also really liked Levi, who hasn’t quite found his place yet and is still searching. When these two meet, sparks are there, and both men are surprised at the choices they make regarding forming some sort of relationship with the other. I loved how supportive and patient Levi was with George, how he let him move forward at his own pace while at the same time offering him safe reasons to do just that.

George’s brother annoyed me a bit with his overprotectiveness, at times he seemed quite aggressive about keeping George away from any possible chance of being hurt. I got that he had been protecting George because of things that had happened in his past, but I wanted to tell him to back off and let his brother start to live again. Communication would have helped between these two, and when they finally did communicate and when George was brave enough to stand up for what he’d realised he wanted, things were much smoother between them all.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable and sweet romance between two men who deserve to find the one. It’s always enjoyable to return to Clean Slate Ranch.

Thanks to NetGalley and Harlequin – Carina Press for a digital copy in return for an honest review.

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