New Release Book Review: The Lost Letters of Playfair Street by Michelle Montebello

What a great read this was, I have several of Michelle Montebello’s novels on my shelf and after reading her newest release, I really need to read them sooner rather than later.

While I was really enjoy this novel, it was the second half of the book that completely drew me in and had me reading until 1 am to finish it after telling myself at 11pm that I would only read one more chapter.

I do love a good mystery, especially one with lots of twists and turns and this novel definitely had them. It also had plenty of romance, both in the present day timeline and in the historical timeline.

I liked all four of the main characters, Paige and Ryan in the present day and Alex and Charlotte in 1929. I enjoyed exploring Sydney, especially The Rocks area and while I have been there a couple of times myself, I have never been to many of the places the characters get to visit.

In 1929, Charlotte and Alex’s clandestine romance seems doomed to fail, with a father who wants to save his business, who has practically ‘sold’ his daughter to Floyd, the banker in charge of his loans, there seems to be no way out of this highly unpleasant arrangement. Floyd was a very unlikeable character, he had no redeeming features at all, and while I started out liking Charlotte’s father Walter, his behaviour certainly had me despising him as time went on, he did however redeem himself near the end, but it was touch and go. Charlotte’s friend Estelle, hmmm now she was a character I just was not sure about and she turned out to be one of the many twists that happened in this story.

Present day Paige and Ryan’s romance could also be doomed seeing as they live on different sides of the world, but while they are trying to uncover the mystery of Charlotte and are working together, I really enjoyed their relationship and hoped it could lead to something more.

With todays technology, Paige and Ryan were able to discover a lot of information in regards to the matters surrounding the mystery, along with of course ‘The Lost Letter’s’ and other finds that came to life in the house on Playfair Street.

A thoroughly enjoyable and engaging read.

Thanks to Beauty and Lace Book Club and Michelle Montebello for a digital copy of this novel.

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