New Release Book Review: Everything Lola by Rania Battany

Everything Lola is a passionate love story between two people who forgot how to communicate. A love story between two main characters who were flawed but so wonderful to get to know.

I was immediately drawn to Jack and Lola, their original love story, the heartbreak and their reconnection, both tentative and hopeful.

There was tension, hurt, love, passion and plenty of misunderstandings due to neither of them being ready to open up to the other and communicate, the one thing they both really needed to do.

It was a beautiful story about second chances and learning to take a chance if that’s what you really want, before it really does become too late.

Alongside Jack and Lola’s relationship is also Jack and Eddie’s relationship, as brothers and business associates, but not friends, it might be time for them to sort out their issues too. The problems between these two brothers were deep, long-term issues, that once again were caused by lack of communication and assumptions.

Rania Battany always does a great job of writing characters that you are able to relate to in some way, ones that make you feel many things. I really loved this story.

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