Book Review: The Bluffs by Kyle Perry

The BluffsI’m not sure how I felt about this novel. I wanted to love it, I’d read so many great reviews, and while it had me turning pages and reading too late into the night, there were things that just didn’t work for me.

in another novel set in Tasmania, with the disappearance of four girls on a school camping trip, the hunt is on to find them. There was a crime years previously involving the disappearance of four girls then too. A legend call The Hungry Man is tied into the disappearances.

Told from three different characters perspectives, the lead cop Con, a drug dealer, Murphy whose daughter is one of the missing girls, and a teacher Eliza Ellis.

This was a small town with some serious problems, police corruption, bullying, drugs, sexual abuse of minors to name a few.

Kyle Perry does a great job with the setting, though all these crime novels are definitely making me reconsider visiting Tassie. The characters too are well written. The issue I had was that there were so many twists and it started to feel completely unbelievable. I knew one of the characters was involved for quite a while, little things that just didn’t feel right. But it really got to a point where I started thinking, seriously? Is this where it’s going now.

The story was well told, but there was just too much going on with too many characters, too many backstories, and too many things I found unrealistic.

Overall I enjoyed it, just not as much as I’d been hoping for.

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