Book Review: Jane in Love by Rachel Givney

Jane in LoveI absolutely adored this novel, I listened to the audiobook on the way to and from work and I didn’t want my journey to end. I actually drove past my freeway exit one morning because I was so engrossed in the story, and the next day had me sobbing so hard I could barely see where I was going.

I haven’t actually read a Jane Austen novel, I have seen adaptations of one or two of her novels, but other than that I know very little about her. This certainly didn’t affect my enjoyment of this novel, and I might actually be inspired to try one of her novels after listening to this one.

I do enjoy a good time travel novel and this one was just wonderful, such a different take on Jane Austen and her life whilst filled with what-might-have-been.

When Jane pops into the 21st century she is met by Sophia, a nearly has-been actress who ends up helping Jane, even though she would much rather be rid of this slightly crazy-seeming woman who says she is from the 1800s and is in this time a famous author and favourite of Sophia’s. While Sophia promises to help Jane get back to her own time, she is warned not to discover anything about this time, for fear it will alter history. This unsurprisingly doesn’t go as planned. I enjoyed the romance that blossomed between Jane and Fred, Sophia’s brother, it was sweet and as I listened, I wondered if it could possibly work out, I so wanted it to for both of their sakes.

Ulimately, I highly recommend this novel which was full of heart and humour.


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