Book Bingo Round 4: Coming of Age

I’m a bit late posting this as it was due yesterday, but better late than never. This is round 4 in #BookBingo2020 hosted by Theresa Smith Writes & Mrs B’s Book Reviews & The Book Muse


This month I’m using the book Echoes Between Us by Katie McGarry to cross off the square Coming of Age. This novel is about two teenagers from different social groups whose surprise friendship through a school project makes them reassess their lives and their beliefs. I reviewed this back in February, but if you’d like to have a read of my thoughts you can do so here.

I admit to finding #BookBingo2020 much hard than last year despite only having to read one book a month, I think this is because unless I plan well what I’m reading, I am stuck for choice in which square I can find a book for. I’ll try and plan better for May.

Happy Reading.

5 thoughts on “Book Bingo Round 4: Coming of Age

    1. I kniw, but I’m finding it heaps harder. I’ll have to start reading a book each month for a specific square rather than hoping something I’ve read will fit.

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