Something Creative: #ShelfPoetry and Other Creative Pursuits

How are you all? I’m ok, slightly stressed as are a lot of us, I’m struggling with some of my books I want to be reading, but I’m just finding others to read while my brain settles down. I’m also trying to do some creative things, being an Art Therapist I have a lot of things on hand to utilise and try out, I just find I don’t find the time for it, or more to the point I don’t MAKE time for it.

My friend and artist Cindy from Soul Art posted this fun exercise this morning that I thought was perfect for all us book lovers out there, especially when some of you might have time on your hands.

The challenge was to write a poem or short story using the titles of the books on your shelf.

Mine ended up being quite introspective, I’ll try for a fun one later as I really enjoyed the process. I’d love you to share yours if you want to play along.

I sometimes feel I’m one of THE LOST ONES
I look at the girl in the mirror and I see THE SCREAM BEHIND HER SMILE
THE GIFT OF LIFE I’ve been given,
I wish I could sit under THE CEDAR TREE and contemplate the BEAUTY of the TRUE BLUE land around me. I think of THE MEMORIES THAT MAKE US and how hard THE ART OF FRIENDSHIP can be.
I remember life is full of LOVE AND OTHER BATTLES
That there are FLEETING MOMENTS we should hold onto.
I look out at the JEWEL SEA and bask in the SUNSHINE
And decide to be DEFIANT and remain UNDAUNTED about THE THINGS WE CANNOT SAY
Maybe I’ll jump IN AT THE DEEP END, stroll ALONG COUNTY ROADS and find THE ROAD TO HOPE and I’ll embrace ALL THAT IMPOSSIBLE SPACE and people will say you’re YOUR OWN KIND OF GIRL and I’ll build a CASTLE OF DREAMS and make sure my SPIRIT DANCES.

Book Poem 1

I used quite a few books for my poem, but it could be as short or as long as you like.


I’m also taking lots of photos of nature when I can get out into it.

IMG_20200407_153614 img_20200323_182720505664801272485803.jpgIMG_20200407_155933







I’ve also been playing with my watercolour inks, these are great for the events we are going through because you can only control them to a certain extent, the rest is up to chance.



I hope you share some of you #ShelfPoetry with me, I’d love to see what you come up with, at the same time it’ll give me an insight to what you have on your shelf.

4 thoughts on “Something Creative: #ShelfPoetry and Other Creative Pursuits

  1. What a fantastic idea I love your poem Claire. It’s so clever. I will need to have a think about doing one. I’m not sure I could write one that made any sense.

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  2. A thoughtful poem 🙂
    On Twitter the other night there was a #spinepoetry challenge which I joined in… By stacking books so that the titles are visible and sharing a photo It read
    After I’m Gone (Laura Lippman)
    Dear Life (Rachel Clarke)
    Remember Me Like This (Bret Anthony Johnston)
    A Mad and Wonderful Thing ( Mark Mulholland)

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    1. I love that! I don’t do twitter, but what a great idea, maybe I’ll try that another day. I’m thinking of making #shelfpoetry a regular thing on my blog. See what moods I come up with each week.

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