Mailbox Monday – lots of lovely bookmail

I got some lovely bookmail surprises last week and then more today.

Three great sounding books from Allen & Unwin Australia, I’m especially looking forward to reading and learning about Truganini, ‘the last Tasmania Aborigine’.

Then a book from Better Reading Bookclub, this sounds good, another new Australian Australian author for me.

The last three arrived today from Serenity Press, I’d completely forgotten I ordered the gorgeous children’s book last month. It is soooo gorgeous, I was originally going to give it to my nephew, but I’m going to keep it and use it in my art therapy business as well as read it to him when he visits. I’ll do a review on it this week.

Also from Serenity Press is the lovely gratitude journal I won, I look forward to using this daily as well as posting on Karen’s Facebook page. And one of Karen’s novels about uncertainty, I’m looking forward to reading it.

That’s my bookmail for this month I imagine, but it will keep me busy.



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