Book Review: Dead Again by Sandi Wallace

This is my #AWW2020 book #2 and I’m also joining in the Backlist Book Challenge which Amanda @ Mrs B’s Book Reviews alerted me about,  so this is my first book in #20backlistin2020.

IMG_20200109_210413I’ve had this book, Dead Again by Sandi Wallace (Rural Crime Files, Franklin and Harvey #2) out of my library for 6 months, which is a ridiculous amount of time to have had it sitting next to my bed. I don’t know why I finally picked it up now, but I’m very glad I did as it was so good, I had trouble putting it down to go to sleep each evening. It was a ‘one more chapter’ book, but because the chapters are nice and short, I’d think, well maybe just one more.

Considering the fires all over our country right now, it was also quite a fitting read being about the aftermath of a terrible wildfire in Victoria 2 years beforehand and the search for the truth about those fires. I didn’t know this before starting reading as I didn’t read the blurb, I had it out because I read book one in 2018 and really enjoyed it. I’m now waiting for the library to get hold of book 3 for me.

In this novel, Melbourne journalist Georgie Harvey is on an assignment in the small rural town of Bullock 2 years after wildfires tragically nearly wiped out the town and killed 46 people. She is there to find a story, but she finds more than she bargained for. This novel asks the questions what are the long term after-effects of a tragedy like this on the people and the town? Should people rebuild in such an area? And why would they want to? It also asks the question if it is arson and the person is caught, what would justice look like for a crime like this?

As Georgie gets to know the people in the town and builds trust with several of the characters, she starts to uncover a mystery about a missing man, is he missing or is he dead, and if he is missing, then why? Her investigation leads her to work with police officer John Harvey from Daylesford, who we met in book 1 and who Georgie had an emotional connection with. This book takes place 8 months after book 1, and that connection is still there for both of them, but can anything come of it this time since Georgie is still in a relationship. For me, a big part of my enjoyment of this book was the connection between these two characters and the relationship and banter that builds between them. I can’t wait until book 3 now to find out where this possible relationship goes.

Franklin has his own issues in his town, with vagrants, vandalism, and break-ins to investigate as well as a love triangle that may prove dangerous to all involved.

The characters are all very real and very Aussie and I could relate to many of them and see the behaviours of others as very understandable, both the good and the bad.

I really loved meeting Georgie, Fraklin and his daughter Kat, as well as the other police officers from Daylesford. I wasn’t really a fan of Georgie’s partner AJ in books 1 and that didn’t change in book 2, I admit to having my fingers crossed the whole time that they would break up.

There was plenty of intrigue and twists and turns to keep me interested throughout this novel, and I enjoyed it even more than book 1. This can be read as a standalone, but for your enjoyment, I’d read book 1 first.

You may see this book pop up again in one or more of my challenges this year as there are a few crossovers.

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10 thoughts on “Book Review: Dead Again by Sandi Wallace

  1. You’ve had a library book out for 6 months! Is that even allowed? Lol. It feels good to have a backlist book done and dusted, doesn’t it? I’ll have mine finished today too, it’s been one I promised the author I’d read ages ago as it was released in 2017, finally I can catch up with her books.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, so long as no one has requested it you can renew it five times, then I just take it back and get it straight out again lol.
      Wow 2017, I don’t feel so bad for some of my back list books now. That would feel fabulous to be catching up on that promise. I’m looking forward to wiping my backlog of NetGalley books, I feel bad about those. But new exposure for the author I guess.


      1. Haha that’s funny. I know that you can renew books I just didn’t give that a thought and actually thought you had it sitting at home not having renewed it for those 6 months LOL. I’ll have to ask at my library not sure we can renew it that many times but I don’t see why not if as you said it hasn’t been requested.
        I know, I thought it was a 2018 release that just shows how fast the time goes…scary! One of my backlist books date back to 2000 but I’ve been wanting to read the shopaholic books in forever so now it’s on the backlist pile. Thank God for Amanda adding on extra challenges because I wouldn’t be doing this otherwise, so I’m a very happy pappy now lol.


        1. Yeah each library is different, mines 5x then return and get out, but the shire down the road is renew 10x!
          I was using my challenges to catch up on NetGalley books, but the back list one will be great for books on my bookshelf that have bbeen waiting for years. Last Christmas I got 5 books and I only read the first in November!


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