GR Aussie Book Bingo Challenge #1

One of my challenges for 2020 was the GR Aussie Book Bingo. Every fortnight on a wednesday I will aim to post which square I’m crossing off of the GR Aussie Book Bingo card.

There are 4 levels to the challenge:

  • Shelf: (10 books – 2 rows)
  • Bookcase (15 books – 3 rows)
  • Library (20 books – 4 rows)
  • To Infinity and Beyond ( 25 books – 5 rows)

Obviously I’m aiming towards infinity.

Screenshot_20200107_220846This week it is the square Rated 4+ by a friend

I’m going with Rania Battany’s novel Fleeting Moments which was rated 5 stars by HappyValley BooksRead as well as Helen Sibbrit and Nas Dean  as well as 4 stars by Mrs B’s Book Reviews

My review was published last week and can be read here

Until next time, happy reading.

6 thoughts on “GR Aussie Book Bingo Challenge #1

    1. I’m hoping to get through some of my backlog with this and the A-Z challenge. My pleasure on the link. Yes I think you’ve got plenty of challenges too.

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  1. I love the prompts on this card, they sound fun. I’m completing two challenges for this year and have now added a third courtesy of Amanda, lol, that should have me reducing an additional 20 books which will be taken from my overgrown bookshelf 😁

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    1. Yes, I like these prompts too. I’m doing two bingos, A-Z Authors and your nonfiction one, thankfully some will overlap. I need to get some off my past due pile and tbr pile.


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