End of year 2019 challenge wrap up and new challenges for 2020

What a wonderful year of reading this has been. According to Goodreads I read and reviewed on their site 243 books in 2019, I read a few more than that, but didn’t log them all, for reasons of my own. I had to look up my challenge post from the beginning of the year to see what I had challenged myself to read 2019 challenges. I initally said I’d read 100 books, knowing full well I’d probably need to up that. If you’d like to check out my list of reads on Goodreads, here is the link. For 2020 I will again set my goal to 100, but I will adjust accordingly as the year progresses. I still have 2 books to read this year which will round off the total nicely.

This was a cool little statistic GR20191

The next challenge was Book Bingo which I just finished in time, I’m looking forward to 2020s challenge which is much easier, saying that I may have signed up for a few more challenges this year as I really want to get through some of my TBR list.



For the Australian Women Writers (AWW) challenge I said I would read 40 books, I can’t believe I thought that was even a serious number. According to the AWW website I reviewed 105 books by Australian women. I do tend to favour books by Australian women as a conscious choice because we have so much talent here that deserves to be recognised. According to Goodreads I read 121, so there were a few I didn’t review fully and therefore didn’t link to AWW. This year I have signed up to read and review 50 books in the #AWW2020 challenge. I no longer work in cranes so my alloted reading time has gone down a bit. I definitely hope to read many more than 50 though.

The last challenge was the Aussie author challenge which I completed but didn’t link my books to.

Onto 2020s challenges.

So we have Goodreads general challenge of 100 books




and FB_IMG_1577105032228AWW set at 50 books. To sign up for the AWW 2020 challenge just follow the link.




I’ve also joined 2 other challenges, though some of the books will overlap on the different challenges (thank goodness).

I’ve joined the Goodreads Annual Aussie Author Bingo Challenge 2020 and have set most of my books for this challenge, which should help get through some of the books that have been waiting on my shelf for too long. If you’d like to join or take a look just click on the link above.

I’ve also joined the Goodreads Annual A-Z Authors Challenege and have set most of the books for this too. Click on the link to join or take a look.


Nonfictionchallenge2020Oh I nearly forgot one! Shellyrae @  Book’d Out is hosting a Nonfiction Reader Challenge, I was initially unsure about joining this as I’m not a massive nonfiction reader and her challenge was either Nonfiction Nibbler with 6 books or Nonfiction Know-it-all with 12 books, Shellyrae has nicely added an extra level with Nonfiction Nipper with 3 books, so I’ve signed up for this.  If you’d like to sign up click on the link above or just join in by hashtagging #2020ReadNonFic when posting your books.


It looks like 2020 is going to be a very busy year of reading indeed.


No photo description available.Books and Bites with Monique Mulligan is also running a Book Bingo Challenge for anyone interested. I will take a look, but won’t commit at this time.






Thanks for all your support in 2019, I’m looking forward to sharing what I read in 2020 and hearing your thoughts and what you are reading.

6 thoughts on “End of year 2019 challenge wrap up and new challenges for 2020

    1. Thank you! I’m looking forward to the challenge and going to up it to the next level, but will see how I go. Since I’m heading to East Africa later this year, it is possible as I’ll be reading whatever I can find on the four countries I’m going to. So if I manage to finish any of the nonfiction ones…

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    1. That’s great, it’ll be interesting to see which challenges you do and what you pick. I’m glad you’re going to do the smaller nonfiction challenge too, it’s not a genre I read a lot of, but can definitely get through 3.


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