Book Bingo Round 24: Double entry


Well we are getting to the pointy end of the bingo car, I think (I hope) there are two more rounds to go, the next one will have to be a double also.

This round I’ve crossed of squares Comedy and Beloved Classic.  

I found a beautifully illustrated edition of The Wizard of Oz on my shelf that was given to me when I was around 9-Years-old. I love the movie and was looking forward to rereading the book. Unfortunately, maybe because I am now an adult, this didn’t quite meet my expectations. It is definitely written aimed at children and at times I found it overly simplistic, I’m sure however, when my niece or nephew are older, they will love it. It was nice to revisit, but it is the movie and not the book that I love.

For comedy, I chose Beth Prentice’s latest book in the Aloha Lagoon series, Fatal Break, which gave me plenty of laughs when I read it earlier this year. My review can be read here.

Until next fortnight, happy reading x


3 thoughts on “Book Bingo Round 24: Double entry

  1. It’s funny when you revisit a book you loved and get a whole different perspective on it. Wizard of Oz was always too creepy for me, although my kids loved it.

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    1. Yes, it was not like I remembered, oh the story was, but as I read it I thought, wow I don’t remember this aspect or that aspect. Definitely for kids as they wouldn’t read into it what we as adults seem to.


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