Book Bingo Round 19

It’s book bingo time again and this week I chose the square Book written by an Australian woman IMG_20190914_101547more than 10 years ago, the book I chose was one I found on my bookshelf when I was tidying up and has huge sentimental value. Inside it is written To my mum from Claire in 1984, it was Master of Ransome by Lucy Walker and was written well and truly over 10 years ago in 1968 with my copy being published in 1983.

I vaguely remember my mum reading Lucy Walker, but I had no idea she was Australian and from Kalgoorlie of all places.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a romance novel written so long ago. But I really enjoyed it. It is the original rural romance and I was surprised to find that in 50 years, not much has changed in the genre, it also had a storyline that was completely familiar.

I’m so glad I found this book and chose to read it. I loved the characters and the dynamics between everyone, it was so familiar that I slipped into the story easily. I think this story has definitely stood the test of time.

Until next fortnight, happy reading

11 thoughts on “Book Bingo Round 19

    1. Yes it definitely was a treasured find. And I was amazed how little rural romance had changed. Mum asked had it dated as she thought it would have, but I didn’t think so at all.

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    1. Yes, I’d actually be interested in reading some other Lucy Walker books, that was my first one and I’d like to try a few different ones.


        1. Yes, me too. We always used to write in books we gifted, it’s somehow stopped over the last few years, but mum wants us to start doing it again as she wants to keep those books. Very sentimental of her.

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