New Release Book Review: Merindah Park by Renee Dahlia

The first book in a new series, Merindah Park was an enjoyable romance and a great introduction to the siblings who will feature in the next books.

IMG_20190420_131450This story focuses on John and Toshiko and is set in Japan, where they meet while John is buying a horse from her brother, and in Australia on John’s horse property Merindah Park, where Toshiko, a vet, travels with John and the horses. I enjoyed the chemistry between the two characters, which was evident from the start of the novel. The cultural differences between the two and how they had to deal with them to move forward in a relationship at times made things between them difficult. It was especially difficult for Toshiko as she had been born into a culture where women defer to the men, especially the father in their wishes, family is more important than the individuals desires. Toshiko is running from a family expectation and the chemistry between John and Toshiko makes the dilemma she is running from clearer and more complicated. Will secrets stop and expectations stop these two being together?

The horseracing industry isn’t one I know too much about, or horses in general for that matter. Renee Dahlia’s love of horses and knowledge of the industry certainly comes through in this story.

Johns siblings were great characters and I enjoyed the rapport that they all had between each other as a family. I look forward to reading their stories.

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