Book Review: The Lost Girls of Paris by Pam Jenoff

This was a really interesting story, one of my favourite movies is Charlotte Grey and this novel is all about the women who went undercover with the Special Operations Executive in London to aid the French resistance, just as Charlotte Grey did. It was an offshoot of the male division and they weren’t expected to succeed. I thought the women who agreed to do the training and risk their lives to be incredibly brave and they possessed something I doubt I’d ever have had.

It contains a mystery as well, starting when Grace finds some photos of 12 women in an abandoned suitcase and goes in search of answers. We slowly uncover answers to throughout the story. The answer had me taking a deep breath and wondering about the trust we put in people who are in positions of authority. I liked how dogged Grace was in wanting to uncover the mystery of the photos she found in the suitcase, she just wouldn’t give up. She felt these women deserved someone to find the answers for them.
I thought the touch of romance in the story was a nice addition, in both timelines, it showed that love can occur at the most unexpected times, but it wasn’t the main part of the story at all.

An important part of history that we don’t tend to read about too often.

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